Tips to Ensure Your Curly Hair Always Looks Perfect

March 15, 2022

We (hairdressers and clients alike) all know that curly hair has a life of its own: Curls seem to change shape, condition, and position on a daily basis. This type of hair tends to be on the dry side and prone to frizz, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it shine and form beautiful ringlets. Want to know how to achieve this? Let’s take a look at how to care for curly hair. Plus, discover the best products and treatments to make your waves, curls, and coils look more defined, manageable, and healthy.


Best Salon Hair Treatments For Dry Curly Hair

Did you know that 6 out of 10 of your clients have textured hair? In an overloaded world of products for curly hair, you have the opportunity as a professional to help simplify and elevate your client’s curly hair routine with the product lines like our RE/START CURLS. Below, learn the key elements of caring for curly hair to help bring out the best in your client’s curls.

Pre-treatment: This is one of the curly hair care methods that has become very popular lately. To achieve this, you condition curly hair with a conditioning cream, spray, or oil before shampooing to provide an extra dose of moisture. This will help improve the strength of the curls. Next, wash the hair as per usual, then apply a hair-enriching mask.

Method and frequency of washing: When washing textured hair, it is recommended to always finish with cold water to help close the cuticles. It is often said that this increases the hair’s shine, regardless of hair type. That said, this step is even more important for curly hair because it helps prevent frizz. As for how often to wash curly hair—to keep it well moisturized—you should space out the washes. If you notice the hair starting to dry out, reduce the number of weekly shampoos further and add extra nutrition.

Drying and styling: It is very important to dry textured hair with microfiber towels that absorb moisture and are gentler on curls, so that they do not frizz. For styling, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to tame curly hair. Start at the ends and gradually work your way up to the roots. Then, apply a product to help enhance and define the curls and give them splendid shine, volume, and vitality.

Regular haircuts: Encourage clients to have regular cuts in order to prevent split ends. When cutting curly hair, do so only with dry strands. If you start cutting the hair while it’s wet, dry it before finishing the job. This way is much more professional and allows you to create the perfect shape for the curls.



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Curly Hair Care Tips to Share With Your Clients

Curly hair care doesn’t end at the salon. In fact, curls tend to need some extra pampering compared to other hair types. Offer clients these tips to follow at home:

  • Use less shampoo and more conditioner. When it comes to curly hair care routines, this rule is crucial. As was mentioned above, if you notice that your client’s hair is very dry, recommend that they reduce shampooing.
  • The magic words are “moisturize” and “nourish.” For curly hair, moisture and nourishment are absolutely necessary. This is true before, during, and after washing. Think of it this way: Curls and conditioner are inseparable.
  • Style hair with a diffuser. Make sure your hairdryer has the diffuser attached. This helps preserve the natural curl pattern as you dry your hair. Remember to set your blow dryer on low power and always use cold air, in order to respect textured hair.
  • Limit applying heat and touching curls. If you notice that curly hair is falling flat, stop using heat. It’s also best not to touch your hair without using a leave-in product.



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RE/START Products for Curly Hair

Knowing which products are best for shiny, healthy-looking curls is equally as important as following the essential curly hair care steps. RE/START understands that different curly hair textures have different needs. Ahead, discover the staple RE/START CURLS products to include in your client’s curly hair routine to really redefine their curl personality.

RE/START™ CURLS Nourishing Cleanser: RE/START CURL is the perfect cleanser for curly hair. This gentle, dual-action cleanser features a rich, creamy foam texture and helps nourish wavy to coily hair, while balancing the scalp’s microbiome. It uses ingredients like jojoba oil and vegan biomimetic lipids to help restore curly hair’s natural oils for the ultimate curl definition. Apply this cleanser to wet hair and massage gently for best results.

RE/START™ CURLS Nourishing Conditioner & Leave-In: This dual-action melting conditioner is a must-have for your curly-haired clients. It provides frizz control and maintains elasticity for the ultimate curl definition and bouncy curls. In addition to balancing the scalp’s microbiome, it also nourishes and moisturizes textured hair for long-lasting definition* and heat protection. This nourishing conditioner can be used as a leave-in product or rinsed out after 2-3 minutes, depending on the curl type you are working with.

RE/START™ Deep Nourishing Buttery Mask: Curls rejoice over this buttery soft mask for textured hair! This dual-action product is formulated with ingredients that help restore the hair’s natural oils and enhance curl definition—such as jojoba oil, shea butter, and vegan biomimetic lipids. Deeply nourish curly hair by applying this buttery mask from mids to ends, leave on for 3-5 minutes, and rinse thoroughly.

RE/START™ Defining Caring Cream: Another curly hair essential, this leave-in caring cream helps smooth hair for frizz control and beautiful, bouncy curls. Apply this product to wet hair in order to define curls and provide heat protection. Allow it to dry naturally, or with the help of a diffuser, and watch this cream simply melt into your client’s hair!

RE/START™ Multi-Purpose Gel-to-Oil: For an innovative, multi-use product, you don’t want to miss out on our fantastic curl oil. Featuring a transformative gel-to-oil texture and infused with natural oils for extra bouncy curls, RE/START™ Multi-Purpose Gel-to-Oil helps nourish and define curls with its 95% natural origin formula. Apply it first in your hands and then rub your hands together to transform the texture, and use it on curly hair as pre-wash, leave-on, or use the day after to re-activate curls and coils.

RE/START™ Next Day Refreshing Tonic: This dual-action refreshing tonic is perfect for re-activating curls the next day. It nourishes your client’s curls, while providing long-lasting frizz control, with its unique formula containing jojoba oil and a mix of defining sugars for immediate definition and bouncy curls. Apply this tonic first from mids to ends, distributing homogeneously, then scrunch the hair to reactivate and define curls.



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We hope you’ve found these curly hair tips and techniques useful. For a trendy and exciting hair transformation to recommend to your curly-haired clients, check out our guide to one of this year’s hottest hair color trends: denim hair color.

*When used as a leave-in