Interview: Salon SPA Eksperience With Felicitas Ordás

March 22, 2022

We are entering a new era of hair care, where sustainability is aligned with hair health. Therefore, we need to offer services that embrace the philosophy ofclean beauty,” and where we professionals help our clients escape from the world and leave our salon not only with better hair, but also with a renewed sense of body and soul. Today we’re speaking to Felicitas Ordás, Director of the Felicitas Hair Salon in Mataró (Barcelona, Spain), to learn more about her experience with our Eksperience™ line. Keep reading to discover new information and tips to help you and your salon’s future.


Revlon Professional: It’s a pleasure to have you with us, Felicitas. Tell us: What is a hair/beauty salon for you? What makes Felicitas Hair different from other salons/spas?

Felicitas: If you had asked me that question a few years ago, the answer would be very different from the one I am going to give you now. A hair salon nowadays should be a unique, special space where the client receives excellent care, premium services, and a wide range of personalized services. I think that one of the most important differences we offer is personalized studies that we always do before any service, whether you are a new client or a regular client.

Revlon Professional: For a stylist with such a successful salon like you, what do you think is the key service we should all have in our salon?

Felicitas: A color service where you can apply a treatment at the same time to the mid-lengths and ends to give shine and reconstruct the hair fiber. 

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Revlon Professional: How important is a ritual in salon hair care?

Felicitas: For healthy, shiny hair, beauty rituals are essential. As professionals, we must always advise our clients on how to care for their hair in the salon with treatments and follow up at home with the products they need.

Revlon Professional: Tell us briefly, what is  Eksperience™? How did you connect Eksperience™ with the services at Felicitas Hair?

Felicitas: Eksperience™ is about enjoying an experience and “disconnecting to reconnect.” As hairdressers, we are very creative, so you just have to think about how you would like your client to experience it—this will help you to connect with the services you offer. I’ll give you some ideas: aromatherapy, music therapy, specialized massages for the head and neck, etc.

Revlon Professional: Hair cosmetics are changing. How committed are you and Felicitas Hair to the environment?  Does Eksperience™ help you with this initiative?

Felicitas: We need to be aware of the environment and with Eksperience™, I feel confident that I am doing my bit, as all the paper used comes from sustainable forests and both the plastic and glass used is recyclable.

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Revlon Professional: How important is it to use sustainable products and items in the salon?

Felicitas: Product materials are one aspect that is very important and highly valued by customers. Climate change depends on many things and we can all work together to stop it.

Revlon Professional: Looking further at Eksperience™, what treatments are essential for you to help us increase the average spend? What is (or are) your favorite rituals?

Felicitas: For me, hair diagnosis with a microcamera to identify any anomaly (if there is any) is very important, in order to decide what treatment will follow. My favorite ritual is called reconstruct, a blend of marine collagen oils and hydrolyzed keratin that leaves hair reconstructed with a spectacular shine.

Revlon Professional: And how can we create the perfect ambiance in our salon, from sound to touch? For you, how important is the decor, sound, and even aromas to help make Eksperience™ a complete experience?

 Felicitas: It is very important to choose the right music for the rituals, as well as aromatherapy to be able to completely relax. If you want them to be experienced as special and unique rituals, you need to create spaces, moments, experiences, and sensations that will make your clients feel so good that they will want to come back again.

 Revlon Professional: What can you tell us about the feedback from your clients? Have you noticed a change since introducing Eksperience™?

 Felicitas: Our clients love it so much that every time they try the SPA, they buy gift vouchers to give to their friends, family, birthdays, etc. There is a definite “before” and an “after we’ve had our Hair Spa Eksperience.”

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 Revlon Professional: What do you think a stylist/new beauty entrepreneur should do to continue evolving and growing their brand?

 Felicitas: Constantly innovate. Keep training. Surround yourself with excellent partners.

Revlon Professional: And finally, do you think that Eksperience™ is necessary for an evolution in hair care and beauty salons?

Felicitas: It is the future of hairdressing. A place to disconnect and reconnect where the client can enjoy unique and exclusive experiences.

Revlon Professional: Thank you very much for your input and knowledge on Eksperience™, Felicitas. We hope that everything continues to go so well for you and that we all work together to continue improving in hairdressing and hair care.

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