October 24, 2022

Discover how to follow the Curly Girl Method with RE/START Curls by Revlon Professional®. The Curly Girl Method is an approach to hair care designed by author Lorraine Massey for natural hair (coils, curls and waves) that has not been chemically treated with any type of oxidative color or chemical straighteners.

This method discourages the daily use of products that contain sulfates and silicones as they are too harsh for curly and coily textured hair types.

The Curly Girl Method encourages the use of products with mild ingredients and rich in hydration factors that nourish the hair.


Each and every wave, curl, kink and coil is one of a kind and is unique to each individual. This means that the Curly Girl Method can be tailored to the hair’s specific needs. Curly, wavy, and coily hair responds in a different way every time. Textured hair is environmentally reactive, changes seasonally and has its very own personality. This is why understanding the hair type and managing the hair texture requires patience.

Natural curly and coily textured hair is inherently more delicate, therefore, it needs a lot more care than straight hair. It absorbs more water and more product, but at the same time can be porous and prone to breakage. This means the amount of product you as a curls expert, will have to use to treat the hair is much higher compared to treating straight hair. Because of this, you will have to find out which product routine works best for the hair by trying and testing different combinations.

Curly textured hair requires patience as the shampooing, treating and drying processes take time: there is no quick routine to achieve beautiful results. Building the right routine is essential to ensure that the curl condition and definition are maintained.

Key Textured Hair Accessories

Silk pillowcases, bandannas and bonnets are all simple ways to protect the hair while sleeping. If possible, recommend to gently pin the curls into a ‘pineapple’, this will avoid disrupting the curl pattern while sleeping. Additionally, twist or braid the hair to help maintain the hair definition. Avoid cotton towels and make sure to wrap or protect the hair once cleansed with a microfiber towel or a bamboo wrap. Natural waves, curls, coils and kinks are more delicate when wet.

By when will the CGM results will be seen?

Different hair textures will take different times to respond. It takes time for hair to recover its healthy appearance, but often results are visible after six weeks. Treating hair in the gentlest possible way will improve appearance and create bouncier, bountiful and beautiful curls.


how to do the curly girl method

We invite you to take note on the recommended care steps below for texturized hair:


Detangle the hair before shampoo with your fingers or with wide combs that mimic hands. When shampooing and co-washing, use slow, gentle movements on the scalp and hair to avoid hair fiber damage.

  • Say no to shampoos with sulphates (SLS) as they can dry the hair fiber and wash away the hair‘s natural oils. The ideal shampoo is one that softly cleanses hair and scalp; and respects the scalp’s natural protective film and natural hair oils, like the RE/START NOURISHING CLEANSER.
  • On coily hair or coarse hair we recommend you to use the RE/START MULTIPURPOSE GEL-TO-OIL as a pre-wash.
  • THE FINAL WASH. Before starting the CGM hair routine you will need to remove all silicone and product buildup from the hair. This can be done only with a sulphate-filled cleansing shampoo. We recommend RE/START RECOVERY SHAMPOO.


Detangle hair after the application with your fingers or with wide combs that mimic hands to distribute the product.

  • Treat the hair with deep conditioning and nourishing masks and conditioners. Use RE/START NOURISHING CONDITIONER & LEAVE-IN and the RE/START DEEP NOURISHING BUTTERY MASK to achieve the perfect result. It is important to nourish hair not just after every shampoo but also after a co-wash. Treatment products often have to be softly massaged into the hair. The massaging movements should always be from the roots to the tips to support the closing of the cuticle, not the other way round.
  • Highly textured hair often needs an extra boost of conditioner and nourishment. For this, use your NOURISHING CONDITIONER AND LEAVE-IN as a leave-in treatment.
  • Whilst wet, use a wide-tooth comb or curly girl method approved brush and ensure all the hair is detangled to define and style.


After shampooing and nourishing your textured hair, gently squeeze the hair with a microfiber towel to remove the water, flip the head forward and slowly scrunch curls into the microfiber towel to remove any excess water. This starts to train the curl pattern to be stronger.

  • Remember to leave the hair still somewhat damp. This will help to alleviate any unwanted frizz. Avoid fast movements or creating too much friction when microfiber drying.
  • Apply the RE/START DEFINING CARING CREAM to your hands, rub your hands together and work them through the hair. Then, use your fingers to softly scrunch and detangle.
  • Depending on the curl pattern and desired final look, you may also want to consider to apply RE/START NOURISHING CONDITIONER AND LEAVE IN or RE/START DEFINING CREAM mixed together with the RE/START MULTIPURPOSE GEL-TO-OIL.
  • Flip the head forward and start to work the product into the hair by slowly and softly scrunching the hair from the ends up onto the root area. Repeat this movement a few times until you start to see the curl pattern become defined. Then, flip the hair back and work from the sides, scrunching the hair up towards the root area again. Repeat this action a few times.
  • To enhance and define the curls, keep them in good shape during the process– which will avoid frizz – you can finger curl to add extra elements of definition.


An air-drying technique dries hair at its own pace and is the better option to minimize undefined curls and maintain definition. For this, apply RE/START DEFINING CARING CREAM to damp hair and gently detangle with the fingers. Redefine the hair using the scrunching technique and let the hair air dry.

  • One way to speed up the process is by diffusing. To be curly girl method compliant, make sure to keep your diffuser on a low heat to low speed to avoid unwanted frizz.
  • When diffusing the hair, start with your head upside down and do it section by section. Only dry the hair to 80%. Then, sit upright and finish diffusing the hair in areas that still need to be dried and individually styled.
  • Once the hair has been diffused, you might want to open the curls to enhance hair volume and body. Work curl by curl and use your fingers to gently open up each curl without compromising the shape, then gently shake the curls. After diffusing, use a small amount of RE/START DEFINING CARING CREAM to give curls the perfect final touch.



how to do the curly girl method

The ride or dye products that cannot be missing on a hair routine that follows the CURLY GIRL METHOD are conditioners, leave-ins and hair masks specific to the hair needs and type of curl. RE/START CURLS products are sulfate-free*, silicone-free**, color safe, include vegan formulas and the textures are skincare inspired and dermatologically tested.

*Formulated without adding sulfates. **Formulated without adding silicones.

Discover our RE/START CURLS Nourishing Conditioner and Leave-In that helps balance the scalp’s microbiome*, nourish and moisturize textured hair, providing long-lasting definition** and heat protection.

Last but not least, the RE/START CURLS Deep Nourishing Buttery Mask is formulated with jojoba oil, shea butter, and vegan biomimetic lipids that restore hair’s natural oils for ultimate curl definition. Get your hands on these and the rest of the RE/START CURLS products.

*When used with RE/START Curls Cleanser.

** When used as a Leave-In.

Put your professional expertise to practice and identify the necessities of your clients’ coily, curly or wavy hair and gain definition, volume and shine with the CURLY GIRL METHOD and the right products for textured hair.

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