To hold nothing back is to be empowered to take on challenges, to push the limits.

It is a shared experience that brings next-level confidence. It is learning and un-learning with equal curiosity because beauty is an infinite journey.

It is finding your own voice by doing what you think and feel, not what you are told.

We nurture, promote and celebrate a diverse community of unapologetic and unique hairdressers. We unleash talents to


  • Empowerment
    The journey between the brand,the hairdresser and the client to find one’s own voice. To stand up for what you know, not what you’re told.
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  • Inclusivity
    Embracing the uniqueness in all women. It is being open-minded and glorifying every type of boldness.
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  • Creativity
    Having the platform to play by the rules but also to explore personal creativity, to blaze one’s own trail. Constantly fueling innovation.
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  • Performance
    A standard of excellence that is constantly evolving. Hairstylist skills that are multi-dimensional. A knowledge rooted in a strong legacy.
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Since the 1930’s, Revlon has been revolutionizing glamour and beauty with bold color, from the introduction of the first nail polish to today’s iconic Super Lustrous™ lipstick.

Revlon has inspired generations of women by being at the forefront of beauty: from its boundary-breaking representation of the independent, charismatic women of the 70’s, to the electrifying supermodels of the 90’s or the celebration of the diverse community of empower women today.

Revlon champions strong, real women who express their personality in an unapologetic, confident way.

Women whose haircut, hairstyle and colors are heroes that add character instead of replacing it.

Revlon Professional, as part of this revolution, brings innovative products to professionals and women who set bold goals, creates for the fierce who style without artifice, and unleash the bold in them.