Salon Treatment for Frizzy Hair: All the Solutions

April 29, 2024

These days, frizzy hair doesn’t need to be a big problem for anyone: There are so many treatments available to help tame it! Whether it’s caused by humidity or by over-using hairdryers and straighteners, there’s always an effective product waiting on the sidelines to help you fight that frizz. The right frizzy hair products can help make unruly hair easy to style, bring out its natural shine, and make those locks appear healthy, soft, and manageable.

With the changing seasons, frizzy hair requires some extra special attention. As a hair professional, you’re just the person to give the best recommendations on how to fix frizzy hair. Read on to discover Revlon Professional’s top frizzy hair treatments and solutions for revealing hair that appears silky smooth.

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

Frizzy hair can be caused by many different factors, with the main cause usually being your environment. When it’s humid outside, there’s an increase in moisture in the air. This moisture can enter the hair and turn a shiny, smooth style into a frizzy mess. In other words, frizziness appears when humidity levels are higher than the water levels in the hair. But that’s not all! Frizzy hair can also occur as a result of hair damage from mistreatment, such as excessive straightening or not using the right products. This can leave the hair increasingly dry and brittle, and looking more frizzy by the day.

When it comes to fighting frizz, it’s actually the hydrogen bonds in the hair that are responsible for keeping any type of hair smooth and frizz-free. This stands true whether your client’s hair is straight and fine or whether they have frizzy curly hair. This is why you’ll want to focus on keeping those bonds connected so that the hair doesn’t revert to its former frizzy state.

In extreme cases, it’s best to recommend a haircut that removes the damaged strands, to promote an overall healthier, less frizzy look. Before opting for a haircut as the final measure, let’s dive into some of the salon treatments available to help improve the health and appearance of frizzy hair.

What Are the Best In-Salon Products for Frizzy Hair?

In order to effectively manage frizz for your clients, you’ll need to carefully select the right anti-frizz moisturizing products that are formulated specifically to help reduce frizziness and promote shine. Here are a few frizzy hair essentials that you’ll always want to keep close to your salon chair:

Eksperience™ Wave Remedy Anti Frizz Hair Cleanser

Our top recommendation for an anti-frizz hair cleanser is Eksperience™ Wave Remedy Anti Frizz Hair Cleanser. This gentle shampoo provides smoothing and conditioning benefits for curly, rebellious, and frizzy hair. Besides its fantastic anti-frizz effect, it also provides hydration and anti-humidity protection for defined curls. This anti-frizz cleanser is infused with Aquamaris Complex and is dermatologically tested.

Eksperience™ Wave Remedy Anti Frizz Hair Mask

As a great option to pair with your Eksperience™ Wave Remedy Anti Frizz Hair Cleanser, we recommend the Eksperience™ Wave Remedy Anti Frizz Hair Mask. This anti-frizz hair mask is a hydrating and reconstructing hair treatment that helps discipline curly and frizzy hair. This hair mask also helps to improve elasticity, leaving your client’s hair feeling silky and soft. To use this product, simply apply to damp hair (after shampooing with your Eksperience™ Wave Remedy Anti Frizz Hair Cleanser), leave on for three to five minutes, and rinse thoroughly.

RE/START™ Hydration Anti-Frizz Moisturizing Drops

Yet another must-have product for your clients with frizzy hair is a moisturizing serum. We recommend RE/START™ Hydration Anti-Frizz Moisturizing Drops, a dual-action moisturizing hair serum for your clients who want long-lasting frizz control. This serum makes taming frizz easy: It helps to balance the scalp’s microbiome* and tames all hair types by improving shine and softness.

This product locks moisture into the hair fiber and is infused with betaine, pro vitamin B5, and Kerabiotics Pro Betaine™ technology to reduce frizz and hydrate the hair. To get the most out of this leave-in frizz treatment, apply one or two drops onto wet hair from mid-lengths to ends before styling. If preferred, it can also be applied to dry hair for even more frizz control.


Salon Solutions for Frizzy Hair that you can Share With Your Clients

To really minimize that frizz for your clients, it’s going to take more than choosing the right anti-frizz products. To truly tame those locks, it’s important to also help guide your clients in proper hair care and habits to help improve the overall health of their hair. The best place to begin is with the professional frizzy hair care tips listed below:

Get Regular Haircuts

Regular haircuts are essential for maintaining healthy-looking hair and minimizing frizz. For your clients struggling with frizz, it’s important to relay that hair can get increasingly frizzy if it’s not cut regularly. It’s best to recommend a haircut every two to three months to help keep frizz away and maintain the hair’s health.

Beware of Excessive Heat

As a hair professional, you’re trained how to properly use hairdryers, straighteners, and curling irons, while using heat protection products to minimize any potential damage. This expert protection and care should also be followed at home for anyone with frizzy hair that uses heat styling tools. Always advise your frizzy-haired clients to be very careful when using these tools, which can burn their hair and bring on the frizz if not used correctly. One possible recommendation is to try an ionic dryer to minimize frizz and breakage from heat, or to introduce them to some air-dried, natural styles.

Try Anti-Frizz Salon Treatments

Managing frizz effectively extends from the treatments you use in your salon to at-home product recommendations for smoother, shinier hair. Helping your clients choose the right frizz-taming treatments to try in your salon can make all the difference. Products with keratin can help eliminate frizz that can sometimes make hair look dull, such as Eksperience™ Reconstruct Phase 1 – Keratin Filler.

Eksperience™ Reconstruct Phase 1 – Keratin Filler is a re-keratinizing emulsion treatment for brittle hair that helps repair the damaged, open cuticle, and weakened cortex by providing additional keratin. Offering this treatment to your clients can help restore elasticity and softness to their thin, porous, and damaged strands. To use this product, apply the Phase 1 – Keratin Filler to the lengths and tips of dry hair, leave on for 10-30 minutes (depending on the state of the damaged hair), and rinse thoroughly.

Eksperience Reconstruct Keratin Filer

Although frizzy hair can be a big concern for your clients, it’s completely manageable with the right products, treatments, and hair care. With these tips, you’ll be ready to help keep your clients’ hair looking healthy, shiny, and smooth. To learn more about maintaining healthy hair, check out our guide on hair bleaching tips and techniques.

*When used with RE/START shampoo.

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