January, 12th 2021




Customers are changing. Today, clients are pushing us into the future at breakneck speed, putting higher demands on your space and your expertise thanks to their vast knowledge about fashion and their own hair needs. They now visit you not only knowing what they want but also expecting your salon to be a creative oasis where they can disconnect from their hectic days while engaging with their own look.

The very best hair salons awaken the senses with aromas, sounds, colors and textures enveloped in an atmosphere of sensuality and style. Increasingly more effective color services, products that respect the hair and professional expertise are key to this new season’s trends.



The fashion and beauty industry opts for a highly versatile, urban concept. Colors mirroring nature’s most vibrant tones take center stage, such as wild greens, magenta and orchid tones, tropical orange, Atlantic blue and, on the whole, fabrics that celebrate color are the season’s must-haves.

Clients look to celebrate naturalness with a fresh, healthy and very sophisticated look. Hair becomes a key accessory for delivering color through multidimensional techniques with new metallic shades that provide the hair with luxurious mineral shine for a modern look.

Urban Oasis is not only inspired by the hottest urban trends, it also integrates nature into your salon as inspiration for a new panorama, creating a space filled with vitality and freshness, resulting in more personalized services with your client’s well-being at the heart of it all. The Revlon Professional® brand proposes a new way of understanding hair color with high and low contrasts and shine that really makes the difference.

The most on-trend thing this season is experimenting with color, creating dimensional blonds with the V-shaped balayage ombré technique, toned with a selection of metallic blonde colors that are alternated for extra impact.

Watch our Urban Oasis SS’22 Collection video now and get inspired by the trendiest looks of the season!

Nutri Color Filters Metal Ice

Discover the icing possibilities and the neutralization power of the newest trend with our NEW Nutri Color® Filters metal-ice palette.

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Revlon Professional® and its essential team of pros have made it easy for you to reap the benefits of happiness and radiate the enthusiasm of the upcoming season with JOY COLLECTION, which radiates a sense of euphoria and fun to help us rediscover our vitality and enthusiasm for life.