January, 12th 2021


This collection recreates the two-tone trend with a block coloring technique that can be used to create practical, versatile and long-lasting looks in keeping with the season’s theme. The Byelayage Collection looks have it all: they require little salon time, are easy to maintain, provide the greatest care for hair and are so personal, striking and trendy that they are this season’s true essentials.

Comfort, simplicity and practicality are key this Spring/Summer 2021 season, which invites us to explore the art of simplification: consuming less but better. The latest fashion trends embrace a new, deeper and more emotional concept of minimalism in a move towards a highly articulate two-tone expression that plays on the combination of contrasts. In this atmosphere of minimalist glamour, the Revlon Professional® brand has evolved with the needs of our consumers, offering a new perspective that is brimming with hues and light in the BYELAYAGE COLLECTION.


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Everyone continues to experience unpredictable changes at home, work, in their leisure time, as well as in their accessibility to hair beauty services. Revlon Professional ® adapts and responds to our new hair needs with the Light E-Motion Collection, an alluring proposal based on functional hair beauty that leads to comfortable, certain and versatile hair colors and cuts designed to last. The latest Light E-Motion Collection suggests breaking with the monotony by making minimal but significant changes to your hair look for an easy-to-go style and hair routine.

Uncover the latest hair beauty that adapts to your lifestyle and get captivated by sophisticated or natural hair looks, cuts and colors that bring us together.