The Curly Hair Method: Everything You Need to Know

January 6, 2023

The curly hair method is here to make curls and coily hair shine with their own light, get rid of that annoying frizz once and for all, and transform your wash and care routine into something enjoyable. Changing certain habits, such as the way you brush your hair, or modifying some of the cleansing steps with shampoos and conditioners will make you love your natural curly hair.



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What Is the Curly Hair Method and What Is It For?

In 2011, curly hair professional, Lorraine Massey wrote about this hair routine and over the years she has perfected the curly hair method so that your curls look hydrated, frizz free, and better than ever! The curly hair method is a unique approach to hair care and styling for natural, curly hair. The first thing you should know is that this method requires patience. It takes time (about three weeks) to see the results. Secondly, it’s vitally important that you get your split ends cut regularly by a professional stylist. The third step is to know which products are appropriate (and which ones to avoid) for your curls.

Curly Method Step by Step

Here are the basic steps to follow the curly hair method and to revive curls and achieve unparalleled bounce, shine, and density.


Wash hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove elements such as silicones only when necessary or if you have used a product containing these elements. The RE/START™ CURLS Nourishing Cleanser is formulated with jojoba oil and biomimetic lipids to balance the microbiome of the scalp and help you achieve perfect curl definition. Then, the wonderful 3-in-1 RE/START™ Multi-Purpose Gel-to-Oil will give your curls unparalleled volume definition and elasticity.


Wash curly hair with a specific conditioner for curl cleansing and massage for at least 60 seconds so that the product penetrates completely. Rinse with plenty of water. This can be done just with fingers or with a curling brush. Use the RE/START™ CURLS Nourishing Conditioner & Leave-In not only as a wash, but also as a leave-in for unparalleled nourishment.


Use a creamy moisturizing conditioner such as the buttery soft RE/START™ Deep Nourishing Buttery Mask from mid-length to your ends, making sure to scrunch the curls towards your head. The hair should be well saturated with product. Comb through with fingers or a brush and rinse again with water (although it’s not necessary to completely remove it).


Use a curl defining gel, scrunch curls in layers from roots to ends. The RE/START™ Defining Caring Cream will help control unruly curls.


First, peel the hair away from the roots with your fingertips. Then press on the curls with a soft microfiber towel to extract the moisture. You can let the hair air dry or, at most, use a diffuser at a low temperature and speed. And for the day after this process, you can use the RE/START™ Next Day Refreshing Tonic to reactivate the curls and restore freshness and shine.



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Hair Porosity and Curl Type

Not all curly hair has the same curl or the same porosity and texture. Understanding how your hair absorbs or repels products and hydration is very important and will help you find the right products and haircare routine. The types of porosity are:

  • High porosity: this type of curly hair is often frizzy. No matter how many oils and moisturizing products are used, it tends to look dry and dull and it’s very easy to break.
  • Medium porosity: hair in which the curls look healthy and shiny. It doesn’t take a lot of product to achieve a defined and long-lasting curl. The curls do not get greasy or dry easily.
  • Low porosity: curls that are ‘slippery’ tend to have a less pronounced curl and a hard time drying. If the hair takes a long time to soak when wet, this is its porosity.



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To be able to care correctly for your curly hair, you must know it. Let’s see what types there are.

  • Wavy hair: curls that tend to make an ‘S’ shape. They have intermediate brightness and are easy to handle for any type of hairstyle. They are 2a, 2b, or 2c.
  • Curly hair: its looped shape is unmistakable. The curl is well defined and has a variable volume. It gets affected by external agents (humidity, beach, etc.). They are 3a, 3b, or 3c.
  • Coily hair: the curls are very close together, creating perfect springs. The density is usually lower and without much shine. The hair is naturally quite porous and shrinks easily. They are 4a, 4b, or 4c.



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The curly hair method takes a little practice and the RE/START CURLS range offers all the tools to make your curls look defined, nourished, and voluminous like never before. With the right products and a little time, you’ll be sure to bring your curls to life. You can find our RE/START™ CURLS  for the curly hair method on Revlon Pro Shop. You can also learn more about this method in our post  Tips to ensure your curly hair always looks perfect or by visiting our educational platform #AlwaysOn.


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