EKSPERIENCE Reconstruct: A Recovering Hair Ritual at the Salon

August 28, 2023

Fun summer? We certainly enjoyed the sunshine and the sea but how is your clients hair feeling after all those outside activities? Unfortunately after an active summer hair can feel a little drier than normal and that once radiant color can now appear a little lackluster. But not too worry we have the answers to help improve your clients inner and outer wellbeing, including the appearance of their hair, so going into the Autumn season you will have that beautifully shiny and repaired hair back and ready to work your creative magic!

We can’t control every aspect of our lives but we can take the time to indulge ourselves with pampering, relaxing rituals. Revlon Professional has products formulated with specific high performing ingredients that are scientifically tested to deliver professional results. They restore balance, effectively treat over processed hair, and make you feel relaxed.

Eksperience Reconstruct Keratin Filer

Eksperience™ products have their origins in Thalassotherapy, which involves the use of seawater and other marine ingredients. These products are the perfect form of therapy due to their abundant properties, just what your clients need to help them switch off and relax. You also offer a personalized color service to make sure your clients shine like never before!

Sounds good? Well sit back and take a moment to discover a different approach to treating the hair and scalp with a holistic take on beauty. Eksperience™, the perfect combination of SEA.SCIENCE.SENSES provides extraordinary results through multisensory moments of wellbeing.

Embrace an In-Salon Wellbeing Ritual

Take your clients on a recovering journey that has been inspired by the sea! With our professional reconstruct in-salon ritual, your clients can take a moment to relax and be pampered through a multisensory Eksperience™ while you repair their damaged or brittle hair with a high performing, in-salon reconstructing ritual that acts on specific hair needs. This innovative treatment is vegan and formulated with more than 76% of natural origin ingredients that deliver reconstruction to damaged hair in three steps -penetrating  into the hair fiber and reconstructing the hydrogen-bonds within the keratin structure.

  • EKSPERIENCE™ RECONSTRUCT PHASE 1 – KERATIN FILLER – Our in-salon re-keratinizing lotion treatment repairs the damaged, opened cuticle and the weakened cortex by providing additional Mimetic Keratin and a low weight reconstructing molecule. Simply pour the keratin filler into the Eksperience™ bowl, apply to the lengths and ends of the hair using a flat brush and leave on for 10 to 20 minutes depending on how damaged the hair is, then rinse out thoroughly.
  • EKSPERIENCE™ RECONSTRUCT PHASE 2 – CLEANSING OIL – After treating the hair with Keratin Filler, cleanse and nourish with the cleansing oil to maintain the keratin levels achieved by step 1 without weighing the hair down. Wash gently with the Eksperience™ hair cleansing oil and then rinse thoroughly until the product is completely washed out.
  • EKSPERIENCE™ RECONSTRUCT PHASE 3 – REGENERATING HAIR MASK – The Professional conditioning treatment mask, that strengthens the hair, improves elasticity and shine. Apply to the lengths and ends, leave for 5 minutes, and then rinse carefully and dry

The Ideal Pairing for a Complete At-Home Reconstruct Ritual

To ensure that we keep the results for longer and then the nice touch is a multisensory experience, we recommend that you elevate the reconstructing in-salon ritual by offering an at-home routine. This treatment is enriched with the perfect blend of specific ingredients that will help your clients maintain the benefits of the in-salon keratin treatment right through the colder months.

EKSPERIENCE™ RECONSTRUCT REPAIRING HAIR CLEANSER is an at-home repairing treatment for damaged or over processed hair.  It complements the most performant in-salon treatment and leaves hair reconstructed and silky to the touch. This new ally is formulated with Aquamaris Complex, Low weight reconstructing molecule, Sweet Almond Oil and Panthenol. This Repairing Cleanser restores hair elasticity, protects the cuticle and rebuilds the strength by deeply reconstructing the hair from the inside out. Simply advise your clients to apply the repairing hair treatment on wet hair, massage it in gently, and rinse thoroughly.

Pairing the cleanser with the EKSPERIENCE™ RECONSTRUCT PHASE 3 – REGENERATING HAIR MASK used in step 3 of the in-salon treatment will bring a boost of condition and hydration for shiny hair. The hair will be easy to manage without being weighed down. Don’t forget to invite your clients to enjoy this hair Eksperience™ for longer by sharing the steps for a complete at-home routine with professional results.

To learn more about our professional range and discover more professional tips and advice, head to our free 24/7 online education platform, Revlon Pro Shop. You can also stock up on Eksperience™  Reconstruct products by visiting our #AlwaysOn educational platform. If you are not a customer yet, just leave your details and a member of our team will get in contact with you.


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