Elevate the handcrafted Eksperience rituals by Revlon Professional® with our exclusive hair salon playlist

March 1, 2021

INTRODUCING A NEW HAIR EXPERIENCETM. The fast-paced world that we live in and our modern lifestyle habits make it difficult to find the perfect balance for all aspects of our life, leading us to make daily choices that affect our health and ultimately, our hair.

When taking care of our hair, we have gotten used to only treating it cosmetically, relying on quick hair fixes. They give the impression of shiny, healthy hair, when in fact, they only offer instant, superficial results, not treating hair from the core.

It is time for a different approach to treating hair – a new and holistic take on hair beauty. We introduce you Eksperience™, the first thalassotherapy hair ritual as a different approach to hair care.

Revlon Professional®

SENSE THE SEA. Eksperience™ is the first thalassotherapy professional hair treatment. It has rendered all the wisdom of the sea into wellness beauty rituals for the hair and scalp.  For more than 20 years it has researched the vast and extraordinary abundance of the sea to obtain outstanding formulas.

FEEL THE POWER OF SEA. SCIENCE. SENSES. SEA: at the heart of Eksperience™ is Aquamaris Complex: an exclusive blend of pure seawater and marine ingredients.

SCIENCE: every product in the Eksperience™ stems from a synergy between science and nature, and each ingredient works in perfect harmony with one another and is proven safe to use and outstandingly effective.

SENSES: are awaken with each Eksperience™ specific beauty ritual. They all involve each and every one of our senses, with the purpose of restoring the customer’s sense of balance and wellbeing while enhancing the effectiveness of our hair treatments. 

Eksperience™ has worked to increase its awareness and reduce its impact on the environment, as some steps towards SUSTAINABILITY that are part of the long journey that we would like to undertake with you as a result of our deep respect for the ocean and the planet.

We have created an exclusive Eksperience hair salon playlist to make the most of your clients’ personalized hair rituals and accompany you during your premium service. 

Revlon Professional®EMBRACE OUR HANDCRAFTED HAIR RITUALS AND FEEL THE POWER OF THE SEA, SCIENCE AND SENSES IN OUR RANGE. Enhance your hair expertise and make it stand out by making your salon a full professional hair experience. Offer an effective, unique and holistic approach when treating hair with our wide range of outstanding products. Discover THALASSOTHERAPY, an exclusive range of in-salon treatments for scalp issues like excess sebum, hair loss, dandruff or sensitive scalp. RECONSTRUCT hair with this exclusive range of in-salon products formulated with keratin for reconstructing dry, damaged, porous and brittle hair. Give hair a BOOST with this range of highly effective formulas designed as a powerful complement to our professional hair treatments. Find TREATMENT, professional solutions for hair care and scalp issues designed for salon and home use.

Make your hair rituals a full premium service with the exclusive Eksperience hair salon playlist we have created for you. Feel the wisdom of the Sea in your hands.

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