Discover a New Spectrum of Shine with Color Excel and Color Excel Gloss GEMS/TONES

September 2, 2022

Introducing the new tone-on-tone shades of Color Excel by Revlonissimo™ and Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™  GEMS/TONES, inspired by precious stones that sparkle. Professionals can use this new shade range to add striking light reflections and rich, translucent color to make hair shine. These shades are low maintenance and customizable for multi-faceted color creativity. Meet the shades of Color Excel by Revlonissimo™! There’s  8.21 Light Iridescent Ash Blonde and 6.23 Dark Iridescent Golden Blonde. Then there’s Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ which includes .012 Diamond, .342 Bronzite, and .225 Amethyst, for extraordinary, shimmering color.

5 Tones. 2 Technologies. A Universe of Glimmering Dimension. 

The amazing light reflections and rich translucency of gemstones inspired us to create these shades that produce brilliant, multifaceted tone-on-tone color.

  • Color Excel by Revlonissimo™: for our shimmering ammonia-free alkaline tone-on-tone color, we were inspired by the sparkling smokiness of quartz to design shade 8.21, Light Iridescent Ash Blonde. This radiant shade creates a pure, neutralized blonde with a stunning blend of iridescent & ash tones. We also drew inspiration from the richness and dimensions of axinite to create shade 6.23, Dark  Iridescent  Golden Blonde. This shade refreshes dark blondes with rich iridescent and golden tones, and can also be used to add low lights and create shadow effects.
  • Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™: for our gentle acid tone-on-tone, we were inspired by diamonds and their unparalleled brilliance to create the shade .012 Diamond, which provides an elegant, clean neutralizing effect for soft white finishes on bases 10-11. Bronzite, with its unique bronze-like submetallic sheen, inspired us to create .342 Bronzite, which adds glowing richness to highlighted brunettes with a balance of golden and copper shimmers on bases 7-8. And finally amethyst, the violet variety of quartz, inspired us to create .225 Amethyst, a radiant mahogany-violet for trend-forward color on bases 9-11.

Color Excel Gemstones

Two Technologies that Offer Endless Dimension and Unlimited Creativity

Color Excel by Revlonissimo™ and Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ are our two ammonia-free, tone-on-tone technologies for hypergloss shine with an infinite range of coloring possibilities.

Color Excel’s alkaline technology enhances natural bases or refreshes color with 3 results in each shade and up to 1.5 levels of lightening. With its 56 shades, you can refresh color in the mid-lengths and ends, can create a client’s first color with subtle enhancements or blend their first gray hairs. It fits perfectly with our new Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ line to create fabulous colors. With its alkaline pH and its developers in vol- 6(1.8%), 10(3%) and 15(4.5%), you will never exceed one and a half shades of color lift. Thanks to its exclusive Care Complex with cotton extract you will protect the hair fiber.

The acid technology of Color Excel Gloss is your best option for toning after any type of lightening service. It will delicately treat and color while providing glimmers of light. With its 14 shades and acidic pH, it neutralizes and tones pre-lightened hair, restores unparalleled shine and beautifies grays. It combines beautifully with our Magnet ™ Blondes range to tone after lightening hair. With its acidic pH and its unique developer of 4vol(1.2%) you can treat the hair without lifting the color. You will be able to restore the natural pH of the hair after this color treatment.

make hair shine with Color Excel and Color Excel Gloss

Now that you know how to add the maximum shine to your clients’ looks with Color Excel by Revlonissimo™ and Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ , your clients can come out of your salon looking fantastic! To buy all the necessary products to create amazing hairstyles, you can visit our online store, Revlon Pro Shop. In addition, if you are already a customer, you can access to our educational platform, #AlwaysOn, to learn about new techniques and perfect those you already know, making your clients shine like never before!

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