Do Not Let the Benefits of In-salon Repair Hair Treatments Fade Away with Eksperience Reconstruct At-Home

May 5, 2022

Discover the Eksperience™ Reconstruct range; the perfect ally to repair damaged hair from inside out, rebuild strength from root to tip and prevent hair breakage. The result? Rebonded and soft hair with dreamy elasticity. Repair your client’s hair with the Eksperience™ range in-salon wellbeing ritual in just three steps. First, reconstruct hair from the inside with the Keratin Filler, after, cleanse and nourish with the Cleansing Oil and last but not least, hydrate and condition with the Regenerating Hair Mask. Recommend your clients our professional hair products for at-home use to prolong the results of this in-salon treatment; a different approach to hair beauty. Let them come across a multisensory experience even further from the hair salon and enjoy the power of the SEA. SCIENCE. SENSES. What is needed to make all this possible? a duo that will become essential in your client’s at-home hair care routine; the new Repairing Hair Cleanser 2A will be the one in charge to maintain the benefits of the in-salon treatment and the Regenerating Hair Mask 3 is the perfect ally to provide a boost of conditioning to the hair. Welcome to the renewing journey at home!

Prolong the Benefits of Hair Salon Treatments with Eksperience™

Professional hair products in the Eksperience™ Reconstruct range

The Eksperience™ Reconstruct range and its professional hair products for at home use are the perfect ally to prolong the reconstruction results of in-salon treatments.

Obtain professional results from home with the new Eksperience™ Reconstruct At-home Repairing Cleanser; it is formulated with Aquamaris Complex, Ceramium Rubrum, Mimetic Keratin, a Reconstructing Ingredient, Sweet Almond Oil, Panthenol and an Anti-oxidant;  together, they rebuild hair strength from root to tip for hydration and a boost of nourishment. Although cleansing is one of the most important steps, the product that really completes this routine is the Regenerating Hair Mask 3, which adds a boost of conditioning and hydration for shiny hair that makes heads turn every time.

Continue Reconstructing Your Hair at Home with Eksperience™

Products in the Eksperience™ Reconstruct range for at-home use

Back in the days, it seemed as if it was only possible to have a good hair day when going to the hairdresser; now clients are more cultured and interested in products that can facilitate their hairstyling and overall condition. For this to happen, the two must-have products are the Hair Cleanser 2A and the Regenerating Hair Mask 3 from the Eksperience™ Reconstruct range for a complete at-home routine with professional results.

Visit our REVLONPROSHOP site and add to your basket the Eksperience™ Reconstruct products for at-home use to have them available at your salon for your clients. If you are interested in learning more about the range and its benefits, experience REVLONPROALWAYSON; our global education program is available 24/7, the best way to boost your professional hair skills. If you are not a customer yet, get in contact with your sales representative for more information!

Invite your clients to enjoy this pleasant hair Eksperience™ for longer.

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