Eksperience Sun Pro: Conscious and Ethical Hair Care for Summer

June 29, 2023

Summer is finally here and with it comes all the fun of playing in the sand and water and just enjoying the sunshine on our faces! With all of the good times, it is still important to remember to take extra care of your hair, skin, and the planet!

That’s why Eksperience™ is introducing 3 brand new products to our high-quality portfolio that combine client needs and achieve the perfect synergy of sea, science and senses. Our Sun Pro range is Infused with the new Aquamaris Complex and formulated with Panthenol and Jojoba, Sunflower and Coconut oils making it the perfect range to use pre, during, and post exposure to the sun, chlorine and salt, as it delivers UV protection, hydration, nourishment and manageability. Read on to discover our recommendations for some ‘conscious’ activities that are perfect for the summer.

Eksperience sun pro Conscious hair

Conscious Summer: Packaging and Formulas

Are you ready for a conscious summer? Then you can begin right away with choosing Eksperience™ , did you know that our eco-conceived packaging is made from 80% post-recycled plastic bottles* and our 100% vegan formulas are free from volatile silicones and have no unnecessary colorants! We deliver a high-quality portfolio while taking the stand for a better planet, aiming to minimize our impact on the environment by giving back to the ocean and the planet through the use of recycled materials and respecting the earth, the air and the water with transparency. So you can feel reassured that while you are having fun and relaxing, just by using the Eksperience™ range that you will be contributing to our never-ending journey to give back to the ocean and the planet and that your hair will be left looking beautiful and feeling healthy all summer long.

Eksperience™ and Plastic Bank

The hair industry is experiencing a meaningful transformation. Experience matters just as much as products and we believe that well-being and taking a moment for yourself are very important. We are committed to developing safe, high-performing, eco-concieved beauty products and well-being experiences that not only respect the environment but also help it regenerate and be clean for future generations.

We have focused on 3 key areas, prioritizing short-term impact and shaping the long-term sustainable projects, activations, and partnerships. We aim to improve year after year, as sustainability is a never-ending journey. This is why Eksperience™  chose to collaborate with a social enterprise which establishes ethical recycling ecosystems around the world to reduce ocean plastic while alleviating poverty: Plastic Bank. Through 2023, we aim to remove more than 4 million plastic bottles from the environment.

Here are some eco-friendly cost saving tips that will help you to be more sustainable this summer!

  • Reuse – repair, refurbish, remanufacture, and repurpose products and packaging.
  • Refuse – choose regenerative, renewable, and recycled alternatives when possible and say no to unnecessary items.
  • Recycle – collect waste, sort and recover plastic for reprocessing and recycling.
  • Sea – Lower your carbon emission by finding a beach by you and choosing a staycation – Join your local beach cleanup for the ultimate empowering activity and don’t forget to Purchase a reusable bottle and potentially save over 156 plastic
  • Senses – After all that hard work it’s time to  treat yourself to an in-salon or home hair treatment. Our handcrafted in-salon and at-home rituals restore balance and well-being, while taking you through a wellness journey and awakening all the senses

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