Eksperience: Elevate Your Salon Through Sustainability

April 21, 2023

Hair salons and clients are more conscious of the environment and sustainability than ever. They value transparency, diversity, honesty, and inclusivity, which reverberates in their consumption behavior. Clients are willing to pay more to ensure that they are buying products made with sustainable practices. They want to know that the ingredients included in their hair products adhere to their values and principles. At Revlon professional, we couldn’t agree more, which is why Eksperience™ is the perfect match to empower your brand and elevate your salon.

Did you know that more than 20 years ago, Eksperience™ had a pioneering vision to create highly effective formulas that would professionally treat hair and scalp issues? We reached into the extraordinary abundance of the sea to source innovative marine elements that, with leading scientific expertise, helped us to achieve this vision.

Today, thanks to continuous research, our experts use marine ingredients to create high performing formulas that deliver professional results. These formulas have merged specific marine elements with the exclusive Aquamaris complex which enriches and revitalizes the scalp with essential minerals. It protects it from the formation of free radicals and ensures great results. With each new discovery, we stay committed to the environment and to working in the most sustainable way we possibly can to minimize our impact on the planet.

Choosing sustainable professional products, treatments, and rituals is not only beneficial for yourself and your clients. Every choice also helps protect the planet, which Eksperience™ believes should be a key consideration to us all. However these practices require science, commitment, and research which is why this is a never ending journey that we hope you will become part of.


Minimizing Our Impact on the Planet

SEA, SCIENCE, SENSES and SUSTAINABILITY are our focus! Eksperience™ is staying committed to the environment by ensuring that we deliver the cleanest products possible, while guaranteeing professional performance and outstanding hair and scalp results. We have been working behind the scenes to build partnerships that will further improve our commitment to the planet by joining forces with an organization dedicated solely to ocean conservation and pollution prevention. It works to protect marine areas and preserve biodiversity for future generations. Our partnership aims are to:

  • Give back to the ocean – Helping to clean the sea.
  • Strengthen our sustainable path – minimizing our impact on the planet through the implementation of sustainable practices in our products and POS materials + to help clean up the oceans and prevent more plastic end up in the ocean through the partnership with Plastic Bank.

Sustainability in hair care is possible with the full new range of Eksperience™

Eksperience™ Packaging Is Made with Recycled Materials

We use recycled materials in our packaging and sustainable initiatives in our formulas to minimize our impact on the planet, so we can help protect it for current and future generations. That is our commitment to a more sustainable planet.

Our unique and personalized bottles and jars are inspired by modern handmade pottery. They reveal the power of manual rituals, while the caps seal the result of our expertise with the engraving of what we stand for “sea, science and senses”.


  • ALL Eksperience™ products have been eco-conceived
  • 54% post-recycled plastic in total
  • 60% less paper in carton boxes that are made of FSC materials
  • Bottles made of 75% of post-recycled plastic
  • 22% of plastic reduction


  • 80% of natural origin ingredients.***
  • Enriched with ingredients at functional level
  • 100% are vegan
  • Now made with more environmentally friendly ingredients
  • Without volatile silicones* and no unnecessary colorants**

Eksperience Concious Beauty Commitment

Clients are on a quest for well-being, seeking exquisite sensorial experiences and they are more conscious of their choices. This is fantastic news for the environment and we are onboard for the movement towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach! It’s time to discover your new Eksperience™ and get ready for a new hair care era that has been developed by hair experts and scientists each and every step of the way.

To get some inspiration for your salon and further elevate the handcrafted Eksperience™, check out our hair salon playlist and our educational platform, Revlon Pro AlwaysOn, (available for clients only, so click the link to become one) where you can discover professional training on how to develop your business and increase the value of the services you offer. Our Revlon Pro Shop allows you to order directly and choose the product ranges that suit your business needs and vision. If each salon takes these steps we will make a difference for our planet. We look forward to working together to make an impact!

* Only a few formulas contain non-volatile silicones. ** Only Color Protection Blonde & Gray Hair Cleanser formula contains colorants, which has been kept to provide the key benefit of the formula.*** Except Booster Dose: Volume, Color, Shine,Strength, Anti‐Frizz and the Hydro Nutritive No Split Ends Serum.


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