Discover How to transform Your Salon into a Wellness Destination with the Eksperience 8 Step Journey

May 18, 2023

The time has come for a new hair care era and Eksperience™ is here to help show you the way! Clients are more demanding than ever and they expect a service that goes beyond products. Do you feel confident that you can meet these needs?

Revlon Professional has created 8 clear and easy-to-follow steps to help you to build your brand and evolve from a hair salon into a wellness destination. Be part of the most meaningful transformation in the hair industry with Eksperience™. This luxury line values transparency, sensoriality, and craftsmanship, and delivers the best in-salon experience. It’s clean, vegan, and now comes with more sustainable formulas and packaging. Eksperience™ is committed to delivering the cleanest products possible, while guaranteeing high-performance.

transform your hairdressing salon into a wellness salon with Eksperience

New Consumer, New Needs

The hair industry is going through a meaningful transformation that goes beyond product performance. Experiences matter just as much as products. Consumers are more and more committed to values such as transparency, diversity, honesty and inclusivity, which shows in their consumption habits, and consequently influences which products are on the market. The perception of luxury is evolving in a dramatic way: from excess to what is truly essential, from opulence to authenticity. At the same time, salon clients are on a quest for well-being, seeking exquisite sensorial experiences. They are more conscious of their choices and connect with brands that reflect their values and beliefs.

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A Journey of Transformation

It’s time to discover the 8 steps that have been developed by our industry experts and hair PROs. If followed, they will help you bring your salon and your clients on a wellness journey that will transform your business and help you to gain new customers along the way. We hope you are ready for a whole new Eksperience™!


Get your client’s attention by displaying Eksperience™ exclusive elements in your salon window and invite them on a wellness journey and an exclusive hair ritual experience.


Welcome the client warmly and make them feel able to disconnect from the outside world and start relaxing. Care about each detail to offer the best experience.


Offer a personalized consultation with a hair expert. Listen to the client’s needs

and wishes, and show your knowledge. Elevate your recommendation with a precise diagnosis through the Tricocamera. The new Tricocamera is a technological tool which delivers a precise diagnosis for hair and scalp, offering a tailor-made professional and at-home ritual to attend each client’s needs. The data is stored on an app to track evolution.


Engage the client in a moment of well-being with experiential ambient details (water sounds, soft light, fresh scents, hand massage and others) while applying the Eksperience™ ritual on their hair and scalp. Awaken their senses and make the moment unique.


Showcase your creativity and craftsmanship. Highlight the difference between the before and after of the ritual, check how they are feeling, explain your technique and ritual/product benefits.


Recommend how to extend the wellness journey at-home with specific care and encourage clients to interact with the products (smell and touch). Show best-sellers and what is new in the portfolio.


Make your salon unforgettable. Leverage the potential of a good review, referral and future visits.


Drive more traffic to your salon and grow your own brand with Eksperience™. Create an Instagramable photo corner to encourage people to post, tag, and share, in addition to following you on social media channels.

Discover more on our 8 steps Journey on our e-learning platform AlwaysOn. Go beyond the products and  implement our 8 step in-salon journey, our complete range, exclusive tools and protocols to give your clients the perfect wellness experience.


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