Achieving the Perfect Ash Blonde Hair Color: Tips from Professional Hairstylists

August 21, 2023

Ash blonde hair is a timeless and coveted shade that exudes sophistication and edge. As hairstylists, we understand the importance of creating flawless hair color transformations that leave clients feeling confident and beautiful! Unfortunately, achieving the perfect ash blonde hair color is far from easy! Join us as we unlock the secrets to mastering this cool toned hair color.

Assessing the Client: Understanding Hair History and Desired Results

Before embarking on any hair color journey, it is crucial to assess the client’s hair history and desired results. Understanding the client’s current hair color, any previous color treatments, and their expectations will help determine the best approach to achieving the perfect ash blonde shade. Conduct a thorough consultation to gather information and identify any potential challenges that may adversely affect the coloring process. This can include previous color, chemical services, build up of metals, or any external aggressors that could negatively influence color results or the hair integrity. Sounds scary? It can be. However, checking these things before you begin a coloring service (especially a pre-lightening service) will ensure that you achieve the best results possible.

When selecting the perfect ash blonde hair color, it’s essential to take into account the client’s skin tone and natural hair color. Ash blonde shades come in a variety of tones, ranging from cool to neutral. Cooler tones are ideal for clients with fair or cool undertones, while neutral shades can complement a broader range of skin tones. Analyze the client’s skin undertones and discuss color options that will enhance their features and create a harmonious overall look.


Applying the Color: Techniques for Achieving a Flawless Result

Applying ash blonde hair color requires skill and precision to achieve a flawless result. Patience is key! The hair will need to be lifted to a level 9 or above to the perfect pale yellow undertone. To achieve a natural and blended effect, consider techniques such as babylights, or balayage. For a more bold and edgy look, a full head of pre lightener or strategically placed foils will help create dimension and on-trend results.

It is important to go over inspirational looks in order to get the correct blonde color. This will vary based on a client’s desired result but the same principles will apply when it comes to processing and application. To ensure that the ash blonde color seamlessly transitions throughout the hair, make sure that the hair is thoroughly coated with your choice of lightener. A warmer climate will also result in a quicker lift, so keep in mind your environment and timing.

The chosen pre-lightener is a huge factor in achieving the desired level of lift while also ensuring that the integrity of the hair is maintained throughout the coloring process. We recommend the exclusive BondIN System™ from our Magnet™ range which cares for existing bonds, repairs broken ones, and even generates new ones. This way, the hair is strong from the inside out. Our system provides a 360° protective shield to help combat external aggressors and lifts beautifully!


Toning to Perfection: Balancing Warmth and Enhancing Cool Tones

For an expensive looking professional finish, toning is crucial. It will help you achieve the perfect ash blonde hair color by balancing any unwanted warmth and enhancing the cool tones. Utilize toners specifically formulated for ash blonde hair, such as Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ neutralizing shades .1 Anti-Red, .01 Anti- Orange, .02 Anti-Yellow and the Ultra Neutralizing shades like .22 Intense Iridescent and .11 Silver Ash for those stubborn warm undertones. These toners can neutralize brassy undertones and provide the desired coolness and shimmering gloss to the hair. For (temporary) fun, clients can add trending tones such as .052 Raspberry Pink and or CLEAR for a more pastel shade that complements the ash blonde hair color perfectly!


Maintaining Ash Blonde Brilliance: Tips for Longevity and Minimizing Brassiness

To maintain the brilliance of ash blonde hair color, educate your clients on proper care and styling. Recommending suitable products is essential to maintain great results because all color fades warm! We recommend purple toned products such as the color safe RE/START™ range that is specifically formulated for blonde hair. Exposure to excessive heat and UV rays will also contribute to brassiness and color fading so heat protection and incorporating a hair care routine is key. Regular in-salon toning sessions will also help maintain the ash blonde hair color but for easy maintenance at home, we recommend the Nutri Color™ Filters Toning Filters to refresh and maintain the perfect luminous ash blonde shade until your client’s next salon visit.

Revlon product for ash blonde hair


Revlon products for ash blonde hair

Now that you have the lowdown on our pro tips and products, it’s time to make a lasting impression with those flawless Instagramable ash blonde hair colors!

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