8 Balayage Ideas That’ll Spice Up Your Bob Haircut

July 4, 2023

Calling all hairdressing professionals! If you’re ready to take your clients’ bob haircuts to the next level, we’ve got a game-changing technique for you: balayage! Yes we know it’s not brand new but have you used this versatile technique to its full potential? with its seamless blend and dimension, Balayage has the power to transform a simple bob into a show-stopping style. Get ready to inspire and impress your clients with these 8 captivating balayage ideas designed specifically for bob haircuts.


Subtle Caramel Balayage

Indulge your clients’ desire for a touch of warmth and charm by incorporating a subtle caramel balayage into their bob. This technique adds just the right amount of sweetness to their hair, like sipping a cozy latte on a chilly autumn day. It’s a versatile choice that complements various skin tones and enhances the natural beauty of their bob. We recommend adding warm, blonde strands in caramel, honey and hazelnut tones such as Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ Light Golden Blonde 8.3 and Medium Iridescent Golden Blonde 7.23 to ensure dimension our PROS recommend more than one tone to be used and to aim for one to three tones above the chosen base to really make those tones pop.


Ashy Blonde Balayage

For clients who crave an edgy and cool look, an ashy blonde tone for their balayage is the way to go. This cool-toned balayage adds a splash of attitude to their already fabulous bob. Think of it as an expression of their unique style—a perfect match for those who like to push boundaries and make a statement. We recommend shade Diamond .012 by Color Excel Gloss™ for a clean and neutralized tone, perfect for glossing & refreshing pre-lightened hair with a glimmering dimension.


Face-Framing Balayage


Want to highlight your clients’ gorgeous features and make their bob truly shine? Enter the face-framing balayage. By strategically placing lighter strands around their face, you’ll draw attention to their stunning facial contours. It’s like giving them a VIP ticket to the spotlight, leaving them feeling like the stars they truly are. This technique can be as subtle or bold as your clients wishes so ensure you have an in-depth consultation and for those that wish to go lighter but have a darker base consider adding a few foils to the balayage with our Foilayage technique.

Bold Color Balayage

Who says bob’s can’t be fun? Show your clients the vibrant side of life with a bold color balayage that will create a striking and dramatic look. From electric blue to vibrant pink, this high-contrast balayage that incorporates distinct and contrasting shades will leave your client feeling like trendsetters.


Use the Magnet™ Range to prelighten the hair with your chosen balayage technique and then get creative with Nutri Color™ Filters Fashion Filters to create a bright semi-permanent hair dye makeover. The unique 3-IN-1 Insta-Pic Technology™ delivers DIRECT intense COLOR, CARE and SHINE, that opens a world of multi-chromatic bold color hair dye possibilities at home or in the salon!


Sombre Balayage

If your clients prefer a more softer gradient effect, suggest the sombre balayage for their bob. This technique is a subtle take on the Ombré technique that seamlessly blends darker roots with lighter ends, creating a sophisticated look. It’s like adding a secret hint of glam that will leave your clients feeling effortlessly beautiful and confident with the added benefit of a low maintenance grow out! We recommend going no more than 1-3 shades lighter than the base to keep the look sophisticated.



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Sun-Kissed Balayage


Transport your clients to the sunny shores with a sun-kissed balayage for their bob. By strategically placing lighter shades on the ends and around their face, you’ll recreate the natural highlights created by the sun. It’s a fresh and summery vibe that perfectly complements their bob, giving them a beach-ready look all year round. To keep this look bright ensure you recommend at-home color-protecting shampoos, such as Eksperience™ Color Protection Blonde & Grey Hair Cleanser, you can help fight yellow tones and keep light shades looking bright.

Red or Copper Balayage


For clients craving warmth and vibrancy, a red or copper balayage is a fantastic choice for their bob. These intense shades add a touch of boldness and create a striking contrast against darker hair colors. Try Tangerine 400 and Red 600 by Nutri Color™ Filters Fashion Filters to give your clients a head-turning style that exudes confidence and individuality. These expressive tones are perfect for a  bright semi-permanent hair dye makeover that can be used as a color top up at home to ensure these vivid looks stay looking their best between salon visits.

Textured Balayage

Enhance the movement of your clients’ textured hair and bob with a textured balayage. By adding prelightener to different sections of the hair pattern and lengths, you’ll create depth and dimension that accentuates the natural flow of their hair. It’s a dynamic and modern look that showcases your expertise and makes your clients beautiful hair truly come alive. We recommend the Curly Girl Method to really showcase that striking color and to care for the hair after a color service.


As a hair PRO, you have the power to transform your clients bob haircuts with the artistry of balayage. From subtle and warm caramel tones to bold and vibrant colors, there’s a balayage idea to suit every client’s personality and style. Use these inspiring ideas as a springboard for your creativity and let your expertise shine through. For more ways to elevate your clients looks, head to our 24//7 educational platform #AlwaysOn (for clients only). You can sign up by leaving us your contact details. In addition, you can find our full range of products on our platform Revlon Pro Shop.


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