SEA, SCIENCE, SENSES & SUSTAINABILITY: The Synergy behind the New Eksperience

March 8, 2023

You may already know and love Eksperience™, but do you know the story behind these professional products that merge exclusive ingredients with advanced research? The thalassotherapy hair brand was founded more than 20 years ago, when Eksperience™ had a pioneering vision to reach into the extraordinary abundance of the sea to source innovative marine elements that, with leading scientific expertise, would create highly effective formulas to professionally treat the hair and scalp.

The whole Eksperience™ range has now been updated with new formulas enriched with our exclusive Aquamaris complex. What is special about this ingredient? Our exclusive Aquamaris complex is an active and highly concentrated blend of Earth Marine water found on the French island of Noirmoutier and precious Red Algae from the Baltic sea that has been recovered using sustainable practices. It has a double function of enriching and revitalizing the scalp with essential minerals, protecting it from free radicals, and fortifying and protecting the hair. This reduces the adhesion of pollution particles by up to 95%, and deeply restores damaged hair cuticles.

If you already loved the products, then get ready to be wowed by the new and improved Eksperience™ range! If you haven’t used the range yet, then this is your invitation to join a wellness journey and a new holistic approach to hair care with handcrafted rituals that awaken the senses while elevating personal wellness. A new hair care era has arrived.

Eksperience pindas

What inspired Eksperience™?


Sea is the expertise behind Eksperience™. It is as deep, mysterious, powerful and infinite as we believe beauty to be. The sea is an abundant ecosystem full of precious ingredients. This vast natural resource is the origin of life and a source that inspires Eksperience™, the first professional thalassotherapy hair brand which merges exclusive ingredients with advanced research, magnifying their essence for outstanding hair and beauty results.


Continuous research by our hair experts deliver powerful marine ingredients that are sustainably sourced and turned into new performant formulas containing marine ingredients and giving form to our exclusive Aquamaris complex, which has a double function: to enrich and to revitalize the scalp with essential minerals, protecting it from the formation of free radicals to deliver professional results.


Our handcrafted in-salon and at-home hair rituals restore balance and well-being, while taking you through a wellness journey and awakening all the senses. Our 8 step journey, provides a holistic approach to treating hair from attracting clients up to the end of the ultimate hair rituals. Unique tools such as the mampoo and pindas are used to create an immersive moment between hairdressers and clients, while hand gesture techniques stimulate the scalp and elevate product performance.


All of Eksperience™ products have been eco-conceived, we deliver a high-quality portfolio while taking the stand for a better planet and its people, aiming to minimize our impact on the environment by giving back to the ocean and the planet through the use of recycled materials and respecting the earth, the air and the water with transparency. This never-ending journey is our way to give back to the ocean and the planet.

Eksperience™ believes that the perfect synergy of sea, science, senses and sustainability elevates the salon and also the client’s experience, achieves outstanding results, and ensures that all clients’ needs are met!

So what products does Eksperience™ offer? Take a look at the rituals that have a product and treatment to suit each and every client’s specific hair needs in-salon and at home maintenance. To really elevate your client’s experience make sure you use the exclusive tools that provide hair expert with the best product application, besides bringing a great sense of relaxation to the client. All tools are made with FSC wood. Discover all of them below:

  • THE PINDAS are sophisticated fabric bags full of algae powder mixed with other formulations. They are a signature treatment of Eksperience™. With a soft touch, they are perfect for the ritual application and scalp massages.
  • THE MAMPOO BOWL is perfect for the preparation of thalassotherapy and other rituals. You can also use it to gently pour cleansers and water onto your client ́s hair, elevating the service into a wellness experience. 
  • THE ROUND BRUSH has natural bristles with a diagonal cut for a precise product application on the scalp and well-being sensation.
  • THE FLAT BRUSH wide size and natural bristles enable a precise and fast application of treatments on the hair shaft.


Eksperience™ Professional Talassotherapy is an exclusive multi-step salon service. The signature rituals of the brand include excess sebum, hair loss, sensitive scalp, and dandruff. The Talassotherapy rituals begins by mixing a marine algae treatment with a special essential extract and a few drops of the Multivitamin Cocktail to create a purifying action. This is complemented by the mud pack that protects and hydrates the hair. The exquisite texture of the mud and the delicate motions of the massages provide every client with the ultimate wellbeing Eksperience™.



Due to a wide number of factors such as chemical treatments (dyeing, bleaching, perms), mechanical styling process (combing, flat irons) or natural causes (photo-degradation, urban pollution) hair can lose its integrity, becoming weak and brittle. The Eksperience™ Reconstruct range targets brittle hair to repair the damaged, opened cuticle and the weakened cortex by providing additional mimetic keratin (formulated with no animal derived ingredients) and a low weight reconstructing molecule that penetrates into the hair fiber, reconstructing the hydrogen-bonds within the keratin structure. After treatment, the hair has new-found strength, is less porous, shiner and softer.



Eksperience™ Boost is a range of highly-effective formulas designed as a powerful complement to hair beauty treatments. The original multi-tasking Boost products, Multivitamin Cocktail and the Exquisite Purifying Cream, are ideal for use at home or in the salon, on their own or in combination with other products. These products are formulated to deep clean the scalp and provide the hair and scalp with a rich mix of vitamins developed to boost hair strength. The innovative Booster Dose System, which is available in four need-specific formulas, complements this by providing intensive action as part of salon-exclusive treatments. The following are the  hair services that can be tailored to each client:

  1. Anti Frizz Booster Dose is a professional booster treatment that provides instant visible results, offering control to even the most rebellious hair.
  2. Color Shine Booster Dose treatment provides long lasting shine and protects color for longer.
  3. Strengthening Booster Dose treatment reconstructs and revitalizes weakened hair, improving resistance against breakage and reducing  split ends.
  4. Volumizing Booster Dose treatment has a weightless formula which provides instant volume and body to the hair.



The Eksperience™ range has a professional solution to cover a wide variety of needs, such as color targeted treatments to reduce color fading and maintain color intensity for extended periods of time, hydration issues are helped with the Hydro Nutritive range to deeply nourish the hair, scalp comfort products instantly soothe and relieve the scalp. Anti-Hair loss products and the Densi Pro range brings vitality, the Wave Remedy range is dedicated to curly and frizzy hair and provides hydration, repair, nourishment, and a long lasting frizz control effect. These are just a handful of the products benefits that are available to help treat the specific hair and scalp needs of your client.

Eksperience™, the first professional thalassotherapy hair brand

We can’t wait for you and your clients to discover a new haircare era!  Experiences matter just as much as products and clients are on a quest for well-being, seeking exquisite sensorial experiences so right now is the best time to empower and evolve your business into a wellness destination. Head to our Revlon Pro Shop to get all the products you need for your clients, including the Eksperience™ range by Revlon Professional. You can also connect to our online educational platform, #AlwaysOn, to be a part of our fast growing hairdressing community and discover new looks and trends.

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