The hair toning world by Revlon Professional®

February 9, 2021

THE TONING WORLD IS BLOOMING, personalization and customization is key in today’s world, demanding more than one size-fits-all solutions. It’s no different when it comes to blonding. Whether for hair tone correction or to achieve fashion and trendy shades, clients expect results that go beyond cold or warm hair tones and that can be quickly reached.

NEW SHIMMERING TONERS THAT ARE LIKE LIP GLOSS FOR THE HAIR! Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™, is RP’s first ammonia-free* toning range with acid technology, which makes it the best low commitment option after any type of lightening service to treat and color hair gently, providing glimmers of light.

Revlon Professional®


WITH A RANGE OF 8 SHADES + 1 CLEAR SHADE IT GIVES ANSWER TO THE MAIN COLOR NEEDS AFTER PRE-LIGHTENING. Find neutralizing shades that combat brassiness and remove any leftover warmth in bases 9 and above. Ultra-neutralizing shades that offer intense neutralization for level 8 bases or provide a gentle touch of color in lighter bases. Reveal the latest trendy shades for gentle fantasy hair color for your contemporary clients who are open to changing color thanks to its low commitment. You can adjust the intensity of the trendy and ultra-neutralizing shades by combining them with CLEAR to create sweet pastel or customized softer results.

ACID TECHNOLOGY FOR LOW ALKALINITY AND HIGH PERFORMANCE. Hair’s natural pH is acidic, however, technical services such as hair coloring or lightening have an alkaline pH. This high pH is required to swell the cuticle but can also cause certain fiber damage. The acid technology of Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ respects the natural pH balance of hair, bringing it back to its natural pH after a technical service and improving cuticle sealing, resulting in color deposit only without shifting the natural base.

THE BENEFIT IS A HAIR-LOVING FORMULA FOR EXPRESS PROFESSIONAL SERVICES. Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ is perfect for soft or intense neutralization to all types of toning, glossing and refreshing techniques. Thanks to its luscious milky cream it’s perfect for both bowl and bottle applications, providing excellent uniformity, outstanding hair condition and multi-reflection with high luminosity.

Open the door to a universe of options with Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™. We bring you the most competitive technologies and portfolio to encourage you and your creativity. Your clients’ hair is about to shimmer!



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