Mastering the Old Money Blonde Look with Expert Hair Care Tips

May 9, 2024

“Old money blonde” may sound traditional, but it’s far from outdated. In fact, it’s poised to be a major trend from 2024 well into 2025. This color technique has been making waves on red carpets, adorning A-listers like Margot Robbie (and when Margot wears it, you know it’s going to turn heads). If you’re still unsure about embracing old money blonde, let us convince you otherwise!


Blonde hair remains timeless, but the classic glamorous looks of yesteryear were undeniably high maintenance (sigh…). While we loved those platinum shades and popular looks inspired by style icons such as Marilyn Monroe, achieving them was often limited to natural blondes (base levels 7 and above). This left many laid-back clients without the time or budget to pursue these icy tones.

That’s when techniques like highlights, Balayage, and money pieces came into play! These methods allowed for pops of brightness and dimensional depth, giving all clients the opportunity to embrace their “best blonde self.” These trends became immensely popular and opened the door to bespoke looks, empowering clients to envision their own personalized blondes while showcasing the stylist’s capabilities. As a creative industry, it’s essential to embrace new color techniques that offer rich, luxurious shades.

Old Money Blonde Hair: What Is It?

Old money blonde is a luxurious contrast of ribbons of cool and warm shades, meticulously woven together to create light and shadow within the hair. The emphasis is on brightness around the hairline, resulting in a beautiful soft dimension that suits a variety of people. This sought-after technique, which is also known as “Luxury Blonde” or “Expensive Blonde,” embodies a high-end, quiet luxury aesthetic.

This new take on more known color techniques focuses on rich, luxurious tones that evoke a sense of sophistication. What sets old money blonde hair apart is its soft, ‘sun-kissed shades’ that blend with the client’s natural hair color. This makes it particularly sought after thanks to the fact it’s relatively low maintenance compared to other types of blonde hair.

Varieties of Old Money Blonde Hair

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to different tones and shades (so always offer a  consultation) but here are a few of our favorites that really show off the old money aesthetic.

  • Champagne Blonde: This is luxury at its finest. Champagne Blonde exudes sophistication, featuring shimmering hints of pale gold intertwined with ribbons of warmer spun gold. This look exudes instant glamor. Our favorite shades, 10.23 Champagne and 9.23 Champagne Rose by Color Excel, can be creatively applied after lightening with Magnet™.


  • Classic Honey Blonde: This color is as warm and golden as it sounds, with a touch of lighter, cooler tones running through the front section to accentuate the eyes and skin. While particularly stunning with green eyes, it complements all skin tones and eye colors. To achieve this shade, we recommend using 9.3 Golden Honey with 10.03 Honey Cream by Color Excel Gloss.


  • Caramel Blonde: With its luscious caramelized hues, this variation adds sophistication, depth and dimension to the hair, creating a luxurious aesthetic. We love shades 9.3 Golden Honey for the brighter face framing, blended with a few bespoke shades of 7.821 Mushroom that go right through to 6.34 Sunset Glow by Color Excel.


Old Money Shade of Blonde with a Root Melt

Embrace the sun’s warmth with golden honey blonde, complemented by a low-maintenance root melt. This variation exudes natural warmth and vitality, evoking both a well-traveled vibe and a relaxed, sun-kissed glow. To achieve this look, we suggest using 9.32 Very Light Golden Iridescent Blonde and a 6.12 Elderberry Frost (by Color Excel Gloss) root stretch.


How to Look After Old Money Blonde Hair

To maintain old money blonde, it’s essential to use professional care and  styling. Even if your color is warmer, it can still become overly warm or brassy and lose its radiance. For optimal color retention, we recommend integrating the RE/START™ Strengthening Purple Cleanser into your client’s hair care routine. This revolutionary cleanser not only combats brassiness but also fortifies the hair strands, leaving them resilient and vibrant. 

We also love the Nutri Color™ Filters, these professional-grade formulations boast a rich array of direct semi-permanent hair dyes infused with ultra nourishing properties. Whether used between salon visits or immediately post-lightening, these products ensure flawless color saturation and can help keep the bespoke old money blonde tone flawless until the next salon visit! 

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