Challenge your balayage services with our time-efficient techniques by Revlon Professional®

February 22, 2021

Keeping your salon efficient in this new context we are facing is our top priority. That’s why we want to help you redesign your technical hair services menu with faster applications. Discover these 3 new magnetic looks based on both commercial and trendy color  techniques we created together with Raquel Saiz, Revlon Professional® Brand Ambassador and blonding expert.

The Balayage technique was created in France during the 1970s and as of today, it is unquestionably one the most requested color /pre-lightening services  by clients on every hair colorist’s chair worldwide. Balayage refers to the way the color is applied onto the hair to achieve the most seamless lightening tones. As you have seen already, this service has opened up a wide spectrum of blond looks, given that it adds depth and dimension to any look. Some of the most demanded balayage techniques are: Half-and-Half, Freehand, Babylights and the ultimate Money Piece at which we will take a closer look below.

3 BALAYAGE TECHNIQUES WITH THE PERFECT DUO: Magnet™ Blondes for the desired lift and uniformity and Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ to neutralize and tone hair according to every client’s needs. 


As the name implies, this service involves the teasing technique before applying the bleach while foils for a precise application. Teasy lights and shadow roots are simple, quick and allow you to create a timeless, soft, blended transition between the natural-looking shadow roots and the brighter ends. This service is a great option for all clients with a darker hair tone who want a smooth and natural-looking transition. Get those roots ready to be teased away!


The combination of these two techniques softens the features and draws attention to the eyes. It is a fast service that offers your clients a fresh look and adds brightness around the face and ends. The money piece technique can give you a fresh look and feel in almost no time by lightening a couple of hair strands. Although, if your client is always on the go, the half and half technique will be your best ally.


Creating a natural blond look is now possible with the babylights technique, this means adding very fine subtle highlights that look as if they were created by the sun. The freehand technique is often used on to add more light on carefully selected areas. This allows you to introduce a variety of blond hues through delicate and subtle highlights, in combination with brighter ends. Hair that looks almost naturally blond!

To discover the details on the producto mixtures and the full blonding techniques get in touch with your sales representative. Upgrade your blonding services with time-efficient applications!