How to Safely Apply Hair Pre-Lightener on Re-Growth

July 3, 2024

Love those freshly done roots but find the process a little bit… daunting? With advancements in technology and the availability of high-quality products, regrowth applications can be safe and look amazing! However, it is vital that the process is carried out by a professional hairstylist who will provide a consultation followed by a very precise application with the correct products. 

In fact, history reveals some rather extreme measures when it came to lightening hair. Spanish women in medieval times, for instance, resorted to dangerous methods like sulfuric acid and sun exposure to bleach their naturally darker hair. Fortunately, times have changed drastically since then. So, let’s delve into the modern, much safer approach!

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The Process of Pre-Lightening Hair

Pre-lightening hair on re-growth requires precision and care to achieve optimal results without compromising hair health. Your stylist will begin by thoroughly assessing your hair and then selecting the appropriate Magnet™ Blondes Ultimate Powder and Magnet™ Blondes Ultimate Oil Developer (pre lightener product) based on your hair type and desired outcome. Hair is then divided into sections, focusing on the re-growth or darkest area first. The pre-lightener mixture is applied relatively quickly but evenly, ensuring a thorough saturation.

During the application process, your stylist will monitor the hair and scalp closely. If needed, the product may be reapplied throughout to avoid the bleach drying out. In cases where the regrowth is particularly long (over 6 weeks), the stylist may concentrate the application approx 1 cm away from your scalp before reapplying  again at the roots. This technique accounts for the fact that hair at the scalp emits more heat, causing it to lift more quickly than hair further along the length. It’s essential to schedule frequent root touch-ups for bleach applications to avoid bands of different colors and ensure an even color result. Overlapping can occur if regrowth is neglected, leading to potential damage and increased cost with each subsequent treatment.

Once the desired lightness is achieved, the hair is promptly rinsed to remove the product. Followed  up with a specialist shampoo such as the Magnet™ Ultimate Post-Technical Shampoo to help rebalance the hair’s pH levels and recover hair’s inner structure after technical services, before proceeding with the choice of gloss toner which is the perfect choice for hair professionals who want to offer their clients a comfortable, pre-lightening service with excellent color results.

Color Excel Gloss and Magnet by Revlon professional

Understanding Pre-Lightening: What Does It Mean for Your Hair?

Understanding the concept of pre-lightening hair is fundamental for anyone contemplating a hair color transformation. Pre-lightening, also known as bleaching, involves the application of a bleach mixture, typically containing peroxide, to the hair strands. This chemical process aims to reduce the natural pigment present in the hair, whether it’s the original color or previously applied dye. The bleach, when combined with a developer, acts as a catalyst to remove the melanin pigment from the hair shaft. Melanin is responsible for the hair’s natural color, and by breaking it down, pre-lightening in essence creates a blank canvas for subsequent color applications. 

This process is crucial for achieving lighter shades, correcting uneven coloring, or preparing the hair for trendy fashion colors. Pre-lightening is a controlled and refined method for achieving lighter hair shades, providing versatility in color transformations. By reducing the natural pigment in the hair, it enables vibrant and customized results. The term ‘pre-lightening’ underscores the importance of preparatory steps before applying the desired hair color, ensuring optimal color absorption and longevity.

Is Pre-lightening Beneficial or Detrimental to My Hair?

Pre-lightening can yield transformative results, but its impact on hair health depends on various factors, including the condition of the hair, the expertise of the stylist, and the quality of the products used. When performed correctly, pre-lightening can achieve desired color outcomes without causing significant damage. However, excessive or improper pre-lightening procedures can lead to dryness, breakage, and hair damage. It is essential to consult with a professional colorist and conduct a thorough hair analysis to assess the suitability of pre-lightening for your hair and minimize potential risks.

Role of Hair Texture in Pre-lightening

Hair texture plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of pre-lightening treatments. Fine-textured hair, characterized by a smaller diameter, may require shorter processing times to avoid overexposure and minimize damage. In contrast, coarse or resistant hair may necessitate longer processing periods and stronger bleaching agents to achieve the desired lightness effectively. 

Understanding your hair texture enables your stylist to tailor pre-lightening techniques and product selection to optimize results while preserving hair integrity.

Home Maintenance Aftercare Products

After pre-lightening, diligent maintenance and nourishment are essential to preserve hair health and color vibrancy. We recommend incorporating the following products and, of course, taking note of your stylist’s recommendations for your own unique hair type and color plan:

  1. RE/START™ STRENGTHENING PURPLE CLEANSER: This sulfate-free shampoo is specially formulated to cleanse and tone pre-lightened hair, neutralizing any unwanted yellow or brassy tones while strengthening the hair fibers. It helps maintain the coolness of platinum blonde or lightened hair colors. 
  2. EKSPERIENCE™ COLOR PROTECTION COLOR SEALING MASK: This nourishing hair mask is designed to seal in color and provide intensive hydration to pre-lightened hair. Enriched with protective ingredients, it helps prolong the vibrancy of your hair color and leaves your locks feeling soft, smooth, and revitalized. 
  3. NUTRI COLOR™ FILTERS METAL-ICE TONING FILTERS: These color-enhancing masks are perfect for maintaining all hair colors. They help neutralize yellow or brassy tones, leaving your hair with a beautiful, cooler tone. Infused with nourishing ingredients, they also help improve the overall health and appearance of pre-lightened hair.
  4. RE/START™ REPAIR ANTI-SPLIT ENDS SEALING DROPS: This dual action split ends serum-oil helps to balance the scalp’s microbiome and protect against hair breakage. Infused with coconut and camellia oil, it seals the hair’s surface and enhances shine. 
  5. Protect hair from heat damage by using thermal protectant products before styling, we love the innovative and highly effective RE/START COLOR BALAYAGE CARE CREAM. This vegan leave-in treatment is scientifically designed to treat the specific needs of Balayage hair. It strengthens, shields and revives Balayage hair until the next salon visit.
  6. Furthermore, if your stylist suggests incorporating the MAGNET™ ULTIMATE TECHNICAL ADDITIVE into the color application, we highly recommend it to enhance hair strength and ensure optimal hair color results.
  7. Last but certainly not least, make sure you keep those ends strong and healthy looking with regular haircuts.

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