How to Balayage on Curly Hair With Bronzite

July 2, 2024

Balayage can really do no wrong, so if you are wondering if it would be suitable on curly hair then the answer is yes! Not only that, it can work wonders on all different types of textured hair. Whether your hair is soft and wavy or tight with springy coils, Balayage can bring those curls to life by adding the dimension you’ve been longing for. To make this color technique truly stand out, we recommend trying it with bronzite tones, creating a sun-kissed glow that lasts all year round, as if you’ve spent a summer day at the beach!


Understanding Bronzite

Bronzite is a unique submetallic tone that enriches hair with a radiant glow, inspiring us to create our own trendsetting shade, #BRONZITE by Color Excel Gloss. This versatile tone complements all skin tones and is particularly stunning on blonde to highlighted brunettes, imparting a blend of golden and copper  shimmers. Best applied to bases 7-8, bronzite offers a shimmering, low-commitment, ammonia free tone-on-tone hair color with acid technology. It gently treats the hair while providing subtle glimmers of light, thanks to its 4 Vol (1.2%) Gloss Energizer and innovative GLOWin SYSTEM™ technology, which seals the hair cuticles and helps restore the hair’s natural pH levels.


Bronzite Balayage for Curly Hair

Balayage, a customized freehand coloring technique, takes on a unique charm with curly hair. Darker sections strategically placed between lighter zones add depth and movement to curls. This technique not only brightens and highlights specific curls but also alleviates the appearance of dense midsections and ends.

All colored hair requires some upkeep but curls need a little more love to keep them defined and replenished after the initial pre-lightening required for a Balayage (bases 7 and below). Once the caring bronzite gloss is applied, the patent-pending technology will help reverse any damage from chemical processes and rebuild structure to recover the hair’s natural quality. This results in visibly improved condition and up to 4X the shine** in just 10 mins. The bronzite tone will help to keep the overall Balayage result low-maintenance but with a on trend polished tone that will accentuate the otherwise naturally lightened look.


Maintenance and Aftercare

To keep this glowing tone from fading, our top tip is to get organized! Book your next color appointment to refresh the tone in advance. We recommend a glaze every 6 weeks to 3 months to keep the bronzite tone looking its best. To maintain the look at home, follow your stylist’s recommendations of using minimal heat styling and applying professional care and styling products to protect your bronzite Balayage. 

We love the innovative and highly effective RE/START Balayage Care Cream. To use it, simply apply it as a leave-in that strengthens, shields and revives Balayage hair until your next salon visit! To style your curls, embrace your natural texture or diffuse the hair after applying the UniqOne™ All In One Curls Leave-In Treatment. The blend of nourishing and styling ingredients will instantly deliver essential care while giving curls with unparalleled softness and natural bounce. Whether your client’s curls are loose waves or tight coils, this groundbreaking treatment caters to all.

best hair products for balayage

When it comes to your next shampoo make sure that you use a gentle color safe shampoo such as the RE/START™ Color range or for the option of a sulfate free cleanser that will also help to care for your textured hair. We recommend the RE/START Curl range to empower the personality of naturally curly hairs by being Curly Girl Method compliant.


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