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Pollupl±x™ System
At the heart of Magnet™ lies Pollupl±x™ System, an advanced combination of ingredients to fight pollution while repairing hair fiber in every step of the Magnet™ color and care rituals.

The pollution shield
for vibrant hair color.

Revlon Professional® presents Magnet™, its first and innovative line in the fight against environmental aggressors, designed to reveal the best color result and a healthier hair fiber. Magnet™ can be used with any hair color and lightening brand*.

* For best results use with Revlon Professional brands

Color &
lightening ritual

Color and lightening ritual


Care ritual

A silent threat
to your work. Do you really know
how pollution
affects hair?

While you know its effect on your health and skin, you may not know how it silently affect hair’s quality, texture and overall look.

Committed to
vibrant color.
Dedicated to

The complete Revlon Professional® Magnet™ range with Polluplex system stays true to this tradition: empowering bold color expressions by fighting the effects of pollution that stand in the way.

Going the extra
mile. The booster
effect of premium

In the scope of services Revlon Professional® offers, Magnet™ is a range that meets a contemporary and pressing concern of clients: pollution.

Treat your
hair like
you treat
your skin.


Take the protection of Magnet™ at home.

CLEAN: Magnet™ Anti-pollution Micellar Cleanser.
MOISTURE: Magnet™ Anti-pollution Restoring Mask.
SHIELD: Magnet™ Anti-Pollution Daily Shield.