May 19, 2021

The possibility of hair damage and breakage during a lightening service is a source of worry for both hairdressers and their clients, especially when hair is sensitized or very porous. Although some of the hair’s internal bonds can indeed break during these services, external aggressors can also have a negative impact not only on the expected hair color results but also on hair’s integrity. For example, metals already present in polluted hair will interact badly with the hydrogen peroxide needed in coloring and lightening services, generating free radicals that can break the keratin bonds and, also make the final color unpredictable and unreliable. But metals are not the only threat to the quality of the hair fiber. Other external aggressors can also damage hair during technical services. 

Go beyond metals protection and fight the negative effects of multiple external aggressors on hair with the new Magnet. Its BondIn System prevents, protects and repairs hair in an end-to-end 360° solution for chemically treated hair that results in 3x stronger hair.


The new Magnet™ and its exclusive BondIN System™ – a protective, re-bonding and repairing multistep system – offers a combined action that protects existing bonds, repairs broken ones and creates new ones while offering a 360º shield against external aggressors, including metals, to keep hair strong from the inside out. 

The exclusive BondIN System has 3 key bonding ingredients and 3 key anti-aggressor ingredients that help repair, protect and prevent hair damage in every step of the technical service.

It also minimizes the effects of external aggressors like pollution, sunlight and UV exposure but also chemical or thermal factors. 

In fact, Magnet™ reduces 90% of the concentration of metals on hair during coloration for optimum and 100% reliable color results.


Revlon Professional®

Go beyond metals in -salon and at-home 

The results of Magnet™ are maximized when the different steps are included as part of any technical routine. 

The range includes professional formulas and products for home use:   

  • 4 steps in-salon to prevent, protect and repair hair before, during and after any technical service, including perms and straighteners, guaranteeing optimum results without interferences.

Revlon Professional®

  • 2 steps to repair and reseal hair when finishing any technical service and that can additionally be recommended to be used at home to extend the protection against external aggressors until the next visit.

Revlon Professional®

 Go beyond metals with MAGNET™. Are you up for the challenge? #MAGNETCHALLENGE