New Revlon Professional Equave Curls Definition: A Curly Girl Method Compliant Detangler

October 17, 2023

Textured hair is on trend and we all know why! Those beautiful springy coils and bouncy waves have always been top of the most wanted list but now more than ever, stylists and clients have more education on how to look after and embrace curls! One thing to keep in mind is that textured hair thrives on nourishment, control, and definition.

This Curly Girl Method compliant formula is enriched with cold-pressed natural apricot oil, delivering a range of benefits to curls for that sought-after curly hair health.

Understanding the Curly Hair Method 

The Curly Girl Method is all about embracing natural curls while steering clear of damaging habits and harmful ingredients. By limiting heat styling and certain hair care products and nourishing and treating curls with care, you can achieve the best possible results. Revlon Professional Equave™ Curls Definition aligns perfectly with this method, providing the nourishment, control, and definition that curls crave.

Introducing Revlon Professional Equave Curls Definition

Revlon Professional Equave Curls Definition Instant Detangling Conditioner is a new addition to the Revlon Professional Equave line, which is tailored specifically for curly hair. This innovative dual action product is formulated to enhance curls, reduce frizz, and promote curl definition without the use of harmful ingredients. It aligns perfectly with the Curly Girl Method principles and is the first step for amazing hair! 


revlon professional equave conditioner for curls

Benefits of Using Revlon Professional Equave Curls Definition

Revlon Professional Equave Curls Definition is tailored to meet the specific needs of curly hair. It does the following:

  • Enhances Curl Definition: The product helps define and shape curls.
  • Reduces Frizz: Revlon Professional Equave Curls Definition combats frizz, leaving hair smoother and more manageable.
  • Detangles and Nourishes: Perfect for boosting nourishment, controlling frizz, and reactivating curls. Hair will be 7X easier to detangle which will encourage the natural movement of the curl and add bounce and movement.

How to Incorporate Revlon Professional Equave Curls Definition Into the Curly Girl Method

  1. Apply to Damp Hair: After cleansing and conditioning your hair with Curly Girl Method-approved products, apply a generous amount of Revlon Professional Equave Curls Definition to damp hair as the perfect first step in the routine.
  2. Scrunch or Just Spray and Style: Gently scrunch the product into your curls to encourage definition and reduce frizz. Style your clients’ curls as desired.
  3. Air Dry or Use a Diffuser: Allow curls to air dry for natural definition or use a diffuser on a low heat setting to speed up drying while preserving curl structure.
  4. Refresh your hair the next day: Keep your curls on point!

Where to Purchase Revlon Professional Equave Curls Definition

Ready to embrace the Curly Girl Method with confidence? Stock up on your Revlon Professional Equave Curls products and try the full Revlon Professional Equave portfolio at our exclusive Revlon ProShop. Bringing out the best in natural curls is as easy as it is to order! With just one click you will soon be saying hello to a curly hair care that works harmoniously with your unique hair texture! 



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