Why Does Hair Tangle and How to Untangle it

September 19, 2023

Understanding Tangled Hair

Hair tangling can be a frustrating experience that many of us have encountered. Understanding the causes and factors that contribute to hair tangling is crucial for effectively managing and preventing this common issue. At some point we have all had to deal with knots, but do you know why this happens? Read on as we explore the reasons behind hair tangling, the impact of hair type and texture, and provide useful tips on the best products to help untangle hair. It’s time to shake up your clients’ hair care routine and make Revlon Professional Equave™ your first step to transform their hair!

Common Causes of Tangled Hair


Embracing the diversity inherent in each hair type is key when it comes to being a fantastic stylist, but this isn’t the only factor. Yes, all hair is different but one thing we all have in common is that every hair type loves texture!  Textured hair and longer hair can handle heavier products whereas finer and shorter hair tends to thrive off lightweight and non greasy products. Whatever the hair type, if it has begun to tangle this is generally a sign that the hair is lacking natural oils. 

When the hair becomes dry, the cuticles lift and open, creating rough and uneven surfaces that easily interlock with other strands. We recommend the Hydro BI-Phase Detangling Conditioner. One shake is all it takes to help make hair 9X easier to detangle. It also conditions, revitalizes, and protects the hair against up to 220* of heat. 

equave conditioner for tangled hair

Damaged Hair 

Hair that is damaged or has split ends is more susceptible to tangling. The rough texture of damaged hair causes it to snag and tangle easily, leading to knots that are difficult to undo.


Friction caused by factors such as vigorous brushing, rubbing against rough surfaces like cotton pillowcases, or wearing tight hairstyles can contribute to hair tangling. The constant rubbing and pulling of the hair strands can lead to tangles and knots.

Weather Conditions 

Humid weather or exposure to wind can exacerbate hair tangling. High humidity causes the hair to absorb moisture from the environment, causing it to swell and tangle. Windy conditions can tangle the hair by blowing it in different directions and causing it to intertwine.

The Impact of Hair Type and Texture

Hair type and texture play a significant role in hair tangling. Curly and coily hair types have a natural tendency to tangle more easily due to the structure of the hair strands. The bends and twists in curly and coily hair can interlock with neighboring strands, leading to tangles. Fine hair can also tangle easily due to its delicate nature, while thick and coarse hair may experience tangling from the hair strands rubbing against each other. 

To prevent this, we recommend the Curls Definition BI-Phase Conditioner for all curly hair types. It adds smoothness and bounce and helps the hair become 7X easier to detangle. We also love that this vegan formula is Curly Girl Method compliant.

revlon professional equave conditioner for curly hair

Prevention and Maintenance Tips: How to Untangle Your Hair

To prevent and manage hair tangling, consider the following tips:

  • Regularly treat your clients hair with a professional range such as Revlon Professional ® Equave™. Make sure the product you use is suited to your client’s unique hair type to keep their hair healthy.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb or a detangling brush to gently remove knots and tangles. Start from the ends and work your way up to avoid causing more damage.
  • Prioritize gentle hair care practices, such as using a satin or silk pillowcase to reduce friction and avoiding tight hairstyles that can lead to tangling.
  • Book your client in for color gloss treatments and regular trims to treat and color the hair and to help get rid of split ends. This will help prevent further tangling and add glimmering shine.
  • Protect hair from harsh weather conditions and external aggressors by wearing a hat or recommending protective styles like braids or buns. We also recommend the Sun-Protection BI-Phase Detangling Conditioner to protect againstUVA/UVB rays, help control frizz, revitalize, moisturize, and offer 9x easier detangling!
  • Offer at-home professional products that will keep your clients’ hair fully protected until their next salon visit.

Recommended Products for Hair Detangling

When it comes to detangling your clients’ hair, using the right products can make a significant difference to maintaining and improving the hair condition and saving time. That’s why we have formulated the Revlon Professional Equave range of professional bi-phase leave-in conditioners to instantly detangle and protect. They act like a hair primer to help ease the styling process and minimize damage while adding specific benefits that will help target each and every hair concern. Understanding the causes of hair tangling is essential for effective management and prevention. 

Check out our new Revlon Professional Equave portfolio and address these specific concerns with just a spray of our innovative Revlon Professional Equave dual action formula! By following proper hair care practices, utilizing suitable products, and being gentle when detangling, you can maintain smooth, tangle-free hair. Don’t let hair tangling be a daily struggle! Take steps to untangle your hair with care and embrace a hassle-free hair routine.

revlon professional equave hair conditioners from Revlon

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