Revlon Professional Equave: The First Step for Amazing Hair

September 19, 2023

When it comes to hair, we all want luscious, healthy looking locks that stay tangle free and protected all day long. If you’re on a quest for hair perfection, look no further than the Revlon Professional Equave™ portfolio! If you already use the range, you may know that 30 years ago, Revlon Professional® developed a pioneering bi-phase detangling conditioner that was an instant success. Since then, people all over the world have embraced the unique benefits offered by Revlon Professional Equave™. 

It’s time to shake up your clients hair care routines and get ready for a game changer! Regardless of your client’s hair type, they are just one step away from amazing detangled and protected hair.  Ready to find out more about the benefits and how easy it is to use? Then read on!

Excellent Detangling Properties 

Revlon Professional Equave’s innovative dual action formulas include conditioning ingredients that revitalize and smooth the hair. If you are looking for a detangler for normal to dry hair then our Hydro BI-Phase Detangling Conditioner will leave hair shiny, 9X easier to detangle, and prevent static flyaways. One shake is all it takes to condition, revitalize, and protect the hair against up to 220º of heat. 

revlon professional equave™ leave-in detangler conditioner

Enhancing Hair Health 

Did you know that finer and longer hair is particularly prone to breakage? Well say goodbye to that and hello to detangled, stronger, and protected hair that’s full of natural body and volume! It’s time to reach for our Strengthening Professional BI-Phase Detangling Conditioner. This lightweight formula will provide 4X more resistance to breakage and will help reduce the appearance of split ends. With a PH of 3.8-4.8, shine will be restored.

revlon professional equave™  leave-in detangler conditioner

Sun Protection

We all love sunshine but unfortunately your clients hair may not! Let us introduce the Sun-Protection BI-Phase Detangling Conditioner with UVA/UVB protection that is perfect to use all year round, but especially on those hot summer days. This travel friendly of 100ml product will help control frizz, revitalize, and moisturize. It also offers 9x easier detangling and leaves the hair silky and smooth!

Alt text: revlon professional equave™ sun protection leave-in detangler conditioner

Curl Definition

We already know that textured hair needs more nourishment which is why this Curls Definition BI-Phase Conditioner for all curly hair types is just what you need to help make your clients hair slay all day! This product is Curly Girl Method compliant and contains cold-pressed natural apricot oil. This product is perfect for boosting nourishment, controlling frizz, and reactivating curls. Hair will be 7X easier to detangle and have added smoothness and bounce! 

revlon professional equave conditioner for curly hair


Protecting that just out of the salon color is key to keeping clients happy! Does your client have blonde, gray, or bleached hair that needs to stay bright and refreshed? Then the Anti-Brassiness Detangling Conditioner will keep those brassy tones away. The hair will be 89% smoother and 9X easier to detangle. Those dreaded yellow tones will be neutralized by the powerful high content of purple pigments that will help restore those much loved cool tones that your clients love!

revlon professional equave anti brassiness leave-in detangler conditioner

Color Vibrancy

All colored hair can lack vibrancy, which is why our Color Vibrancy BI-Phase Detangling Conditioner for colored hair will be a dream for locking that color in for longer! The color antioxidant ingredients and pro-vitamin B5 will help seal the cuticle to revitalize dull colored hair and protect it against external aggressors. Hair is left up to 9X easier to detangle, vibrant, and protected against heat and UV rays due to the UV filter and 220º heat protectant ingredients.

revlon professional equave color vibrancy leave-in detangler conditioner

How to Use Revlon Professional Equave

Using Revlon Professional Equave is a breeze. After shampooing, simply apply your choice of Revlon Professional Equave detangling conditioner evenly through damp or dry hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. Then gently comb through. You will instantly notice how your client will notice how easy it is to detangle and brush their hair. 

The product can also be used as a primer for cutting on either wet or dry hair. Say hello to beautifully protected, tangle-free hair!

Where to Purchase Revlon Professional Equave

Now that you know more about Revlon Professional Equave, you may wonder where to get your hands on it. Look no further than the Revlon ProShop. By purchasing from the ProShop, you ensure that you’re getting authentic products directly from Revlon Professional. Moreover, the ProShop offers a wide selection of Revlon Professional Equave products, catering to various hair needs, so you can try the full range and discover all of the benefits! You might even stumble upon exclusive deals or promotions, making your purchase even more rewarding. 

The ProShop is open 24/7 so you can shop online anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

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