New Revlon Professional Equave Hydro Fusio-Oil for Hair and Body

October 11, 2023

Introducing Revlon Professional Equave™ Hydro Fusio-Oil

Here at Revlon Professional, we understand that life is busy but that doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying super soft glowing body and hair! What if we told you that you could  have healthier skin and hair with a shake and a spray? Sounds good, right? Then sit back and let us introduce you to a new multi tasking innovation from Revlon Professional Equave™ that takes hydration to the next level.

hydro fusio-oil from Revlon professional

Benefits of Using Hydro Fusio-Oil for Hair and body

There are many reasons to love our new Revlon Professional EquaveHydro Fusio-Oil. This hard working product delivers a multitude of benefits for both your hair and body, like weightless hydration and nourishment. It makes detangling up to 7X easier and reduces breakage and damage. It maintains hair’s natural shine while imparting a radiant glow. Our Revlon Professional EquaveHydro Fusio-Oil also helps control frizz, resulting in smoother and more manageable hair. Its weightless vegan formula ensures that it doesn’t weigh down hair or leave the skin greasy, and it quickly absorbs without leaving any residue on the scalp, hair, or skin. 

Phew, that’s a lot of benefits! Additionally, it’s all packed into one beautiful and functional product that you can easily transport, making it next generation ready! 

Benefits of Using Revlon Professional Equave™ Hydro Fusio-Oil for the Body

Our 3-phase Revlon Professional EquaveHydro Fusio-Oil works wonders for all skin types, providing weightless hydration and instant nourishment for soft and supple skin. It has a revitalizing effect that enhances the skin’s appearance, promoting a radiant glow. In addition, its lightweight formula quickly absorbs without a greasy or sticky feeling! What’s better than stepping out of the shower and being ready to go in minutes?

Key Ingredients of Revlon Professional Equave™ Hydro Fusio-Oil

The secret to our Revlon Professional EquaveHydro Fusio-Oil’s efficacy lies in its vegan formula and high performing ingredients. Aloe vera is renowned for its hydrating and soothing properties, making it a natural powerhouse for hair and skin health. 

How to Use Revlon Professional Equave™ Hydro Fusio-Oil

Incorporating Revlon Professional EquaveHydro Fusio-Oil into your routine is a breeze thanks to its 3-phase benefits. Simply shake this game changing product to fuse the phases together and then spray directly onto your hair or body. For best results, we recommend focusing on the lengths and ends of your hair for weightless nourishment and detangling.

For the body, try it just after the shower when your skin will quickly absorb all of its benefits. Massage the oil onto clean skin to experience an instant revitalizing effect that will make you glow!


Where to Purchase Revlon Professional Equave™ Hydro Fusio-Oil 

To experience the transformative benefits of Revlon Professional EquaveHydro Fusio-Oil and stock up on all your favorite Revlon Professional products, head to the Revlon ProShop. Enjoy the convenience of online shopping and discover exclusive deals or promotions at any time from any device! 

Revlon Professional EquaveHydro Fusio-Oil is the solution for achieving hydrated, nourished, and beautifully glowing hair and skin. Elevate your hair and body care routine with this extraordinary product, and welcome a new level of hydration and softness into your life!

Revlon Professional EquaveTM Hydro Fusio-Oil for Hair and Body

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