March 31, 2021

DISCOVER OUR NEW NUTRI COLOR™ FILTERS, the color magnifying filters that will dare you to go well beyond hair color. Our unique 3-IN-1 INSTA-PIC TECHNOLOGY™ delivers DIRECT intense HAIR CARE, COLOR and SHINE, that opens a world of multi-chromatic possibilities. MAGNIFYNG COLOR THROUGH CARE.

X-Presion – one of the world’s most creative and groundbreaking teams of hairdressers – and Revlon Professional ® are now back working together, propelling the multi-chromatic possibilities of Nutri Color™ Filters. They have developed a technique inspired by the path light takes going through a filter. A unique hair color placement that adds dimension and hypnotic hair movement. Jose Luis Almendral will be the X-Presion spokesperson for this campaign and along with Revlon Professional® he will lead the #colormagnifiers community, inviting creative hairdressers around the world to join and see color through a new lens.


Revlon Professional®  “Filters are a new graphic language to create waves of light that add several dimensions to the hair”

  Jose Luis Almendral X-PRESION


X-PRESION. Jorge, Marco and Jose Luis are the members of X-Presion, a one-of-a-kind creative team that believes in hairdressing without boundaries. Their work has been recognized internationally since 2006 and they have garnered many awards. Their innovative hairdressing techniques have always had a major impact on the profession, starting with their first big success #xpresionpixel, which was first presented in the Revlon Professional® Neon Collection back in 2014, following with #xpresiontartan or their latest #trompe-l’oeil technique in 2020.

Get inspired with the new #LightWaves hair technique and see what creativity can do when it travels at the speed of light.


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