March 31, 2021

Comfort, simplicity and practicality are key this season, which invites us to explore the art of simplification: consuming less but better. The latest fashion trends embrace a new, deeper and more emotional concept of minimalism in a move towards a highly articulate two-tone expression that plays on the combination of contrasts. In this atmosphere of minimalist glamour, the Revlon Professional® brand has evolved with the needs of our consumers, offering a new perspective that is brimming with hair hues and light in the BYELAYAGE COLLECTION.

This collection recreates the two-tone hair trend with a block coloring technique that can be used to create practical, versatile and long-lasting hair looks in keeping with the season’s theme. The Byelayage Collection looks have it all: they require little salon time, are easy to maintain, provide the greatest hair care and are so personal, striking and trendy that they are this season’s true essentials.


Revlon Professional®


THE NEW BLONDES: LIGHT AND SHADOWS THAT ARE DISCREET BUT DARING. The new reverse dip dye hair technique is easy to maintain and turns coloring on its head. The latest blondes are very light, while platinum shades – creamy, coconut or nuclear – continue to provide the purest inspiration. Applied from the roots, these shades bring intense, rich light to the top of the head, before descending to blend with more natural chestnut shades.

They are ideal for longer hair and building texture while moving away from discreet, hand-crafted looks towards an effortlessly more luminous, sophisticated finish. A hair look this essential requires only that you flaunt it.

Revlon Professional®



GROWN-OUT SHORT STYLES. MINIMALIST SOPHISTICATION. This trend-setting #shorttolong look proves that a grown-out short hair style is not only fun and flattering, but also an exercise in confidence and self-assurance. Highly sensual and evocative pastel hair colors contrast with chestnut shades, adding bold definition to the latest expression of sensitivity in a #newfemininity.

Open to a range of different finishes, all of which are easy to achieve, this look updates the classic concepts of beauty and harmony with a very modern attitude and luxurious hair shine. This is a divine look for women who turn to fashion for a breath of fresh air and a way of empowering themselves through their appearance.

Take a peak to the videos and get inspired this season with #REVERSEOMBRE and #COLORBLOCK  this season.

Watch the interview about  #BYELAYAGE Collection with Miquel García, our Global Creative VP at Revlon Professional®