Itchy Flaky Scalp in Winter: Understanding Causes and Finding Relief

February 5, 2024

The winter months bring not only a chill in the air but also a range of challenges such as an itchy and flaky scalp that can cause discomfort and affect the overall health of the hair. Thankfully, we have a solution for this common seasonal woe! Read on as provide practical relief strategies and prevention tips to help ensure a healthier scalp throughout the colder months.

itchy flaky scalp

Causes of Itchy Flaky Scalp in Winter

1. Dry Air and Low Humidity

Winter weather often brings with it dry air and low humidity levels, creating an environment where the scalp struggles to maintain its moisture balance. The lack of humidity can lead to dehydration of the scalp, resulting in itchiness and flakiness. Combatting this requires proactive measures to ensure adequate scalp hydration. Regular moisturizing, using a humidifier indoors, and staying hydrated are essential tips for maintaining scalp moisture.

2. Hot Showers and Overwashing

The tendency to indulge in hot showers during colder months can contribute to an itchy and flaky scalp. Hot water can strip the scalp of its natural oils, leading to dryness and irritation. Overwashing exacerbates this issue, as frequent shampooing can disrupt the scalp’s natural balance. To counteract this, it’s advisable to opt for lukewarm showers and establish a balanced washing routine. Use sulfate-free and moisturizing shampoos such as the RE/START™ Hydration range to maintain the scalp’s natural oils.

3. Skin Conditions Aggravated by Winter

For individuals with pre-existing skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis, winter can exacerbate these issues. The cold, dry air and lack of sunlight may trigger flare-ups, causing increased itchiness and flakiness. Managing these conditions during colder months requires specialized care, including the use of medicated shampoos and moisturizers. Seeking guidance from a dermatologist and tailoring  a winter-specific care plan can help.

4. Woolen Hats and Irritation

While woolen hats provide warmth, they can also contribute to scalp irritation. The coarse texture of wool may cause friction, leading to discomfort and flakiness. Choosing scalp-friendly headwear, such as those lined with a soft material like silk, can minimize irritation. It’s essential to strike a balance between staying warm and ensuring scalp health, especially for those prone to winter scalp issues.

5. Lack of Sun Exposure

Sunlight plays a crucial role in promoting scalp health, and reduced exposure during winter can impact its condition. Limited sun exposure may lead to a deficiency in vitamin D, affecting overall scalp well-being. While excessive sun exposure is not recommended, incorporating safe and limited sun exposure and using protective products such as the Sun Pro range into your routine can contribute to a healthier scalp.

Hydrating Hair and Scalp Treatments

Combatting an itchy and flaky scalp in winter involves incorporating hydrating treatments into your hair care routine. Moisturizing hair masks and scalp treatments, along with revolutionary products such as The RE/START™ Hydration Range can help target different levels of hydration and provide much-needed nourishment. DIY remedies using natural ingredients, such as coconut oil or aloe vera, can also be effective in hydrating the scalp and maintaining a healthy moisture balance.

Choosing the Right Routine 

Selecting the right hair care and styling products is crucial for individuals dealing with an itchy and flaky scalp in winter. We recommend opting for sulfate-free and moisturizing shampoos such as the RE/START™ Hydration Moisture Micellar Shampoo to help balance the scalp’s microbiome and beautify the hair. For those with specific scalp conditions, incorporating medicated shampoos, as recommended by a dermatologist, can provide targeted relief. Creating a customized hair care routine tailored to the needs of your scalp during winter is essential for maintaining optimal health.

itchy flaky scalp

Scalp Massage and Gentle Brushing Techniques

Promoting blood circulation to the scalp is vital for alleviating itchiness and flakiness. Scalp massage, whether done manually or with the help of a massaging tool, improves blood flow and encourages a healthier scalp. Gentle brushing using a soft-bristle brush helps remove flakes without causing further irritation. Integrating these techniques into the daily routine contributes to ongoing scalp care and prevents winter-related issues.

Enhancing Scalp Health with Revlon Professional® RE/START™ Hydration

We all aspire to have beautiful, hydrated, and glossy hair, and it all begins at the scalp. Often neglected, the scalp is a complex part of the body, functioning as an extension of our face’s delicate skin. Exposed daily to external aggressors like dry environments, pollution, heat styling, excessive brushing, and chemical dehydration, the scalp can be prone to issues that lead to dull-looking hair.

Revlon Professional® RE/START™ Hydration range is designed to create a perfectly balanced environment for the scalp such as by using RE/START™ Hydration Scalp Moisturizing Lotion can help ensure better hydration and healthier-looking hair. Let’s take a look at the range: 

  1. The RE/START™ Hydration Moisture Shampoo: Ideal for normal to dry hair, this shampoo locks moisture into the fiber, leaving hair soft and shiny. It helps balance the scalp’s microbiome, promoting overall scalp health.
  2. The RE/START™ Hydration Moisture Melting Conditioner: Perfect for normal to dry hair, this conditioner enhances softness, smoothness, and controls frizz. It leaves hair hydrated and easier to detangle.
  3. The RE/START™ Hydration Moisture Rich Mask: Designed for very dry hair, this mask provides long-lasting frizz control, nourishing hair deeply. Apply from mid-length to ends, leaving hair smooth and nourished.
  4. The RE/START™ Hydration Anti-Frizz Moisturizing Drops: Suitable for frizzy hair, these drops balance the scalp’s microbiome and tame hair for improved shine and softness. Apply 1-2 drops on wet or dry hair.
  5. RE/START™ Hydration Scalp Moisturizing Lotion: The latest addition to the range, this lightweight, dermatologically proven formula soothes scalp irritation. Infused with hyalucomplex, it creates the perfect environment for hair to thrive.


Powered by skincare and proven by hair experts, the RE/START™ Hydration range contains a dual-action KERABIOTIC™ SYSTEM. This exclusive blend of skincare ingredients and advanced haircare solutions targets hair and scalp dehydration, letting beneficial microorganisms work their magic for healthier-looking hair. While dry and dull hair may be a concern, the RE/START™ Hydration range’s personalized approach to hair care ensures that every hair type becomes manageable and healthy-looking. By respecting the scalp’s microbiome and incorporating these professional hair care tips, you can keep your hair hydrated, shiny, and healthy-looking.

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