RE/START Hydration: The First Step to Healthy Looking Hair

January 4, 2023

We all want to have beautiful hair right? But what does that mean? For us, it means hydrated, shiny hair that begins at the scalp.

Yes, the scalp! Often neglected, it turns out that the scalp is a very complex part of the body. This delicate skin is an extension of your face and often gets forgotten in the quest for moisturized and healthy-looking hair. Every day, our scalps and hair are exposed to many external aggressors such as our environment, regular heat styling, excessive brushing, chemical-dehydration, or pollution. This can lead to that dreaded dull-looking hair that is a direct result of neglecting your hair and scalp.

Now, we cannot control what is on the outside, but with the help of the Revlon Professional® RE/START™ Hydration range, we can work to create a perfectly balanced environment for our scalp by protecting our hair and skin barriers, which in turn will lead to better hydration.

This is why the Revlon Professional® RE/START™ Hydration range has introduced a swift new action to include in your clients’ daily haircare routine to create the perfect environment for hair to thrive: the definitive dual action Scalp Moisturizing Lotion that helps to balance and protect the scalp microbiome while moisturizing it.

Restart Hydration Scalp Moisturizing Lotion

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We know there is one basic need: caring for the foundation. We have identified the potential causes behind that dull-looking hair! It’s time to discover a new way of thinking about hydration. Just like our skin, each type of hair has different hydration needs, and this is why it is important to create a personalized routine that targets the potential causes behind hair and scalp dehydration. The RE/START Hydration range contains an exclusive dual-action KERABIOTIC™ SYSTEM that blends skincare ingredients with advanced haircare solutions to balance the scalp’s microbiome and moisturize hair. This lets beneficial microorganisms work their magic while targeting hair and scalp needs simultaneously.

RE/START™ Hair Hydration

Let’s discover the professional ranges that can help us target and fix dehydrated scalps and hair issues. The Revlon Professional® RE/START™ Hydration range invites you to unleash your creativity and beauty potential with products that rethink hair hydration and deliver the most amazing hair results from root to tip.

  • The RE/START™ Hydration Moisture Shampoo helps balance the scalp’s microbiome and beautifies hair. Infused with betaine and pro-vitamin B5, this shampoo locks moisture into the fiber for soft and shiny hair and helps balance the scalp. Perfect for normal to dry hair that needs moisture from roots to ends. Massage into wet hair gently, rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.
  • The RE/START™ Hydration Moisture Melting Conditioner makes hair easier to detangle, enhances softness and smoothness, leaving the hair hydrated and softer with controlled frizz. Perfect for normal to dry hair. Simply apply to towel-dried hair and leave on for 2-3 minutes then rinse thoroughly.
  • The RE/START™ Hydration Moisture Rich Mask provides long-lasting frizz control for smooth and nourished hair. Perfect for very dry hair that would benefit from a deep nourishing hair treatment, just apply from mid length to the ends of hair and leave on for 3-5 minutes then rinse thoroughly.
  • The RE/START™ Hydration Anti-Frizz Moisturizing Drops are perfect for frizzy hair that needs long-lasting control. The dual-action moisturizing hair serum helps balance the scalp’s microbiome and tames hair for improved hair shine and softness. Just apply 1-2 shine drops on wet or dry hair and leave it in.
  • The latest addition to the range is the RE/START™ Hydration Scalp Moisturizing Lotion. This dermatologically proven lightweight formula is just what your very dry or sensitive scalp needs. Recommended for daily use to soothe scalp irritation, this leave-in product is infused with hyalucomplex, a combination of hyaluronic acid and panthenol to help provide comfort. It creates the perfect environment for hair to thrive and improves the condition of the scalp, significantly balancing and protecting the scalp microbiome while moisturizing it. To gain the most benefits, spray the lotion onto the scalp, massage gently, and do not rinse.

Restart Hydration Range of products

Although dry and dull hair can be a big concern, it is a big relief to know that every type of hair can become manageable and healthy-looking by using personalized hair care products and professional expertise. It is time to press the restart button with the RE/START Hydration range and its exclusive dual-action approach to hair care. By respecting the scalp’s microbiome and using the hair care tips you have discovered here, you’ll be able keep your hair hydrated, shiny, and healthy looking.

If you are a stylist looking for more inspiration, enter our Revlon Pro Shop and get all the products you need for your clients, including the RE/START Hydration Range. You can also connect to our online educational platform, #AlwaysOn, to be a part of our fast growing hairdressing community and discover new looks, trends and products.

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