Embrace the change with the Butterfly Haircut

February 5, 2024

The butterfly haircut is as enchanting and TikTok-worthy as it sounds. But, do you know how to recreate this trending look? Read on as we guide you through each step, empowering you to bring the modern take on the ’70s shag straight to your salon in 2024.


Butterfly Haircut vs. Other Trending Hairstyles

The butterfly haircut is characterized by a distinct winged look that allows for a unique expression of individual personality. It typically features a middle parting and shorter, intense face-framing layers. These layers add volume and gracefully fall under the chin, creating dimension and movement reminiscent of cascading wings. The style often extends near the shoulders, offering a modern twist on classic cuts like the layered ‘Rachel’ from Friends. One key feature is a grown-out curtain fringe, which provides an updated and stylish touch. The haircut includes slightly disconnected shoulder-length layers, allowing individuals to maintain the overall length of their hair. The adaptability of the butterfly haircut makes it suitable for various preferences and hair types.

Why the Butterfly Haircut Gaining Popularity

The butterfly haircut is not merely a trend. Social media platforms, especially TikTok, have played a pivotal role in propelling this style to the forefront of hairstyling trends. Its eye-catching aesthetics and ability to convey individuality make it a go-to choice for those seeking a bold and expressive look.

The butterfly haircut stands out among other trending hairstyles due to its distinctive winged appearance and face-framing layers. However, unlike some higher-maintenance trends such as the mullet, the butterfly haircut offers a balance of style and practicality that can be easily adapted to suit different hair types and lengths and offers a balance of style and practicality.

Versatility is a hallmark of the butterfly haircut. It complements various face shapes due to the soft and flattering layers that can be tailored to focus on key areas such as the cheekbones, lips, chin, collarbone, or shoulders. The layers and customizable lengths ensure a personalized touch that is perfect to add dimension and movement to medium to thick haircuts. It can also create volume at the root area and encourage texture throughout mids and ends.

An added perk is its dreamy versatility, which is perfect for those contemplating a shorter hair look without fully committing. It can also enhance the appearance of thicker, fuller hair without sacrificing length. Clients can integrate shoulder-cropped layers for an airy effect and create the illusion of midi, lob, or bob cuts at the front when the rest of the hair is swept back. Additionally, clients can bring the base length forward for a touch of playfulness. It’s an ideal choice for anyone seeking to enhance the appearance of thicker, fuller hair without sacrificing length. 

The butterfly haircut is relatively low maintenance as it works with the hair’s natural texture and adds movement. But, for added style points, we recommend that you opt for a high-quality texturizing and volumizing product such as Style Masters™ Creator Memory Spray™ to give texture and definition. For a boho texture vibe, tie the client’s hair into a ponytail hairstyle and then pull the fringe and shorter sections out to frame their features. 

Whatever way you style the hair, the butterfly haircut works beautifully on virtually every mid to long haircut due to its adaptability. If your hair is textured, thick, or in need of root lift then this cut can work for you. However, we would advise those with fine hair stay clear of this look due to the multiple layers.



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Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving the Perfect Butterfly Haircut

When aiming for the perfect butterfly haircut, start by recognizing that effective communication is key. It is vital that a stylist actively listens and collaborates with their clients. During the initial consultation, ask your client to prepare for their haircut in advance by researching images of the butterfly haircut. This helps convey their expectations clearly. If you don’t have the luxury of additional time, ensure you are always prepared by saving some of your favorite butterfly haircut looks on your social media. If you don’t feel fully confident (yet!) with the look, here are some pro tips to help you begin!

Step 1: Section the Fringe in a Triangular Pattern

Tailor the thickness of the fringe section based on your client’s preference and their hair density. Make sure that there’s enough hair left on the sides to create butterfly layers and adjust the fringe volume if the hair on the sides is finer.

Step 2: Create the Butterfly Face-Frame Using Vertical Sections

Achieving the distinctive butterfly layered effect requires precision. Cut smooth, even sections to prevent fraying through the ends. The heavily layered nature of this haircut demands the use of razor-sharp scissors to maintain precise, clean lines.

Step 3: Introduce Layering to the Back Without Sacrificing Length

Maintain length in the back to prevent the layered cut from resembling a shag. The layers should flow organically, with each layer cascading over the next to create a seamless, graduated look.

After achieving the butterfly haircut, shift your focus to maintenance. To keep the butterfly haircut looking its best, recommend regular trims to help preserve the cut’s shape and prevent split ends. Experiment with styling techniques to showcase the butterfly haircut’s versatility. Whether your client prefers a sleek or more textured look, the butterfly haircut offers various styling options. Ensure you advise on the correct high-quality care and styling products suitable for your client’s hair type

Trend Forecasts and the Future of the Butterfly Haircut

As a hairstyle that has gained significant traction on social media platforms like TikTok, the butterfly haircut is poised to continue its upward trend. The enduring appeal of its unique features and adaptability suggests that it will remain a prominent choice in the foreseeable future

Fashion trends, pop culture, and iconic figures have played a significant role in shaping the evolution of the butterfly haircut. The style draws inspiration from the glamorous looks of the ’70s and ’90s but adapts them to suit contemporary aesthetics. Influential figures in the entertainment industry and fashion world have embraced and popularized the butterfly haircut, contributing to its widespread appeal.

How the Style Has Adapted Over Time

The butterfly haircut has gracefully adapted over time, incorporating modern elements like the curtain fringe to stay relevant. Its ability to merge classic elements with contemporary trends has helped it maintain its popularity.

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