How To Give Visibility to Your Salon with Revlon Professional

September 26, 2023

When walking down the street or looking online a client will see an array of salons, barbershops, and blow dry bars. Great, right? Well as a business owner this level of competition can feel very overwhelming. You may have just moved your business into the area and you are still finding your feet and looking at building your team, or perhaps you just want to try to stand out in your local area or re- brand by offering a new Eksperience™. Here at Revlon professional we understand that salon life is busy so we have a developed an easy but effective tool to help your clients find YOU! So when they ask or google – how to find a hair color salon near me? Your business will be on that VIP list! Ready to find out more, read on.

Research shows that many men and women prefer to choose an establishment from word of mouth, the products used, and reviews so, as a trusted partner and established brand, we are here to give you the lowdown on how to ensure your business is at the forefront. We also want to help you and your clients find the best suited Revlon pro salon for them!

We know you love our products and our company ethos (or you wouldn’t be here) so sit back and get ready to discover how to increase your salon’s visibility with our salon finder. You simply need to sign up to the SALON Finder on our web page and follow the steps below that will show you how to sign up and add your Revlon professional salon. This way you can increase your business potential, build clientele, benefit from advertising and be more visible to a new market of loyal clients that use and trust our brand.

  1. Create a Revlon Professional account here.
  2. You will be validated by our internal team through your client code. Don’t miss it!
  3. All set! Add your salon and discover all the benefits!
  4. And one more for the go: don’t forget to visit the Empowered Salons section where you will find downloadable material for your salon.

Once you have added your details, a member of our team will verify your salon. It will then be added to our approved list and be shown on our Salon Finder Map alongside a link which will take clients searching for your salon directly to your website. This service is for Revlon professional clients only but if you aren’t a client already, don’t worry! You can leave us your contact details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Salon finder map

How to Use Revlon Professional’s Salon Locator and find Your Perfect Match

Are you ready to sign up your Revlon pro salon? To make the most of our salon finder tool input the information listed below so when a client searches for a hair color salon near them your added business information will be featured!

  • Location
  • Full Address
  • Select the brands that you stock for care & styling and color
  • How to get there, a link will then open to let your clients access a route planner by entering their starting point and the end point and provide the best route options.

Discovering Your Ideal Salon Experience: Factors to Consider

Ready to elevate your salon experience? Partner with Revlon Professional® to accelerate your salon’s transformation. Our Spotlight campaign empower hairdressers to become influential brands. Offer a unique customer journey, attract loyal clients, and stand out online. Helping clients find a hair color salon near them and linking it to your business is just one of our many tools! Join our empowered salons revolution and unlock your salon’s potential, our powerful tools  will increase your salons footprint and help you to take your salon a step further.

For more exclusive business tips and tricks to become an Empowered Salon visit our 24/7 Revlon Professional  e-learning platform. You can also restock your professional products any time by visiting our Proshop and discover daily looks, trends, and products. You can also meet all the amazing artists that are part of our #WeAreRevlonPro Community! Scroll through the best work that’s been shared and, once you join us, your work could be featured too!


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