What Marketing Plan Should You Implement in Your Hair Salon After the Summer Holidays?

August 30, 2022

Summer is coming to an end so we must return to work with renewed energy and, of course, think about launching our ideal marketing plan. Marketing is a tool that helps you sell your brand and services. However, there are many hairdressing and beauty salons that still do not use it, either because they think it is not useful or because it may seem like a difficult task that will require a lot of time. A well structured, well organized marketing plan is essential to promoting your products, services, and offers on social networks, your website, blog, or appointment scheduling software. Let’s take a look at how to create a marketing plan and what to include.



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What Should Your Marketing Plan Include?

A great marketing plan is ultimately about increasing your salon’s visibility and number of customers. In reality, the process of getting more customers to come and spend more at your salon goes far beyond just selling. Let’s take a look at what your marketing plan should include so that it reflects the best of your brand and brings even more customers to your door.

  • Visibility: to increase visibility, use local tools such as newspapers and magazines along with tools like Google Business Profile. It’s important to be present on the internet and on social networks to gain more visibility.
  • Services: because many people have spent time at the beach and in the sun, you must clearly state what services, treatments, and products can restore hair vitality. Emphasize what you specialize in in your marketing plan and what differentiates you.
  • Offers: in order for your social media and website to be active, publishing offers to build customer loyalty is necessary. Launch offers that will attract new customers with nice images and compelling messaging. Offer packs to attract entire families to get haircuts together and show off their great hair when they come back from vacation. This is an effective strategy that should be taken into account in your marketing plan. You can also offer 2×1 or 3×2 discounts for couples or groups of friends. This will attract more clients and then, with some hard work and effort, you can make them loyal.


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  • Team: introducing your team one by one will create trust and loyalty among the clientele. Hairdressing generates many emotions and a great bond between the professional and the client, so reinforce it!
  • Improvements: if there is something in your marketing plan that has not worked during the summer, improve it or remove it. Whether it is a type of post, photos, or a treatment that is not done much. Additionally, for your social networks to generate interest, posting before/after photos on your networks is essential.
  • Audience: do you know your target audience? Back to school students, back to the office workers; all of them are targets for good marketing campaigns. You must know your clientele and their needs in order to make your services and offers as personalized as possible.

To learn more make sure that you read our tips to continue promoting your business in this article.

And don’t forget to update your marketing plan from time to time and adapt it to the seasons! Keep an eye on the latest trends and always be up-to-date. Engage in conversations with other professionals (check out how our ambassador Bernad Hair Salon has implemented marketing) and build partnerships with other businesses. If you are already a Revlon Professional customer, register on our website to access the Empowered Salons section, where you can download exclusive branded content for your social networks!

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