Spotlight on the trend: Glowlayage

September 20, 2023

Why, in an era with so much emphasis on free-self-expression, do we find such satisfaction in looking like everyone else? The explanation lies in our psychosocial behavior and was highlighted during the period of lockdown. During the pandemic, when we were not able to reach out and touch each other, we realized how much we needed human interaction. Once the restrictions began to lift, personal connections were reinforced, whether created in the real world or in the digital one. 

Have you found your clients wanting to look like their friends and family by coordinating or matching their outfits? Or perhaps you’ve seen this on the catwalks? We have! Some of the major fashion brands have played with duality as a concept for their shows. Coordinating is no longer frowned upon; it is a form of bonding, and hair is the ultimate accessory to personalize every look.

With the new Color Excel launch we introduce Glowlayage, which consists of applying blocks of color over any Balayage technique. Glowlayage blends together color and shine allowing you to customize and highlight areas of the hair in a more interesting way than traditional Balayage. Our hair pros, Ingrid Kadlecova (Education Manager), Elisabeth Fernandes (Freelance Educator), Pierre Ginsburg (Brand Ambassador), and Miquel Garcia (Global Creative VP) have joined forces to develop some stunning Glowlayage looks that are both wearable and impactful! 

There is no denying that techniques such as Balayage are key for your business. However, it’s time to evolve and give it that extra glow. Inspired by the concept of duality, these evolved techniques have mixed color blocking and Balayage, offering limitless personalization that will help elevate your business even further.


Driven by stylists like you who have perfected their curly cutting and coloring skills, more and more clients are embracing their natural texture! Glowlayage allows us to play with this concept and promote textured hair with a healthier look thanks to the brunette and copper tones that can be applied asymmetrically to give curls that healthy look. This beautiful amber brunette look was achieved using a free hand technique to prelighten 6 pieces of hair in the back and sides using Magnet™ Blondes Ultimate Powder 7. Ammonia-free* + 20 vol. Once the hair reached a level 9, Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ 8.04 (20 ML) + 4 vol was applied to the pre-lightened sections and Color Excel by Revlonissimo™ Tone on Tone 6.24 (30 ML) 6 vol. (1.8%) to the remaining hair. To finish the look, the hair was diffused and styled with Style Masters™ Curly Orbital™ and defined with RE/START™ Curls Defining Cream.

color excel from Revlon professional


This no shadow root technique is a new must for blonde addicts. We love the XXL million dollar money piece created with Magnet™ Blondes Ultimate Powder 7. Ammonia-free* + 20 vol combined with the strategic lowlights to increase visual impact. A back-to-back foiling technique was used throughout the back, sides, money piece, and crown. The front had fine slices left out between the foils to create dimension. Once the pre lightener had developed, the million dollar money piece was toned with Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ 10.012 (15 ML) + 4 vol and the remaining hair with 10.23 (50 ML) + 4 vol. 1. To style the hair, Style Masters™ Must-Haves Modular Mousse™. The look was finished with Style Masters™ Must-Haves Modular™ medium-hold hairspray. 

Revlonissimo Color Excel


This luscious red is even more striking with a colder, darker base color to make it pop. Opposites certainly can attract! This luscious red color was achieved through a mixture of block coloring, highlights, and babylights. Magnet™ Blondes Ultimate Powder 9 + 30 vol was used to achieve a level 8. The pre-lightened sections were toned with Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ 6.660 (30 ML) + 4 vol and then the remaining hair with 5.1 (40 ML) +  4 vol. The hair was then styled by applying Style Masters™ Volume Elevator Spray™ and Style Masters™ Curly Orbital™ before blow drying. After curling with a iron, the look was finished with Style Masters™ Must-Haves Modular™.

luscious red


This high contrast, straight glaze color is the result of a vertical color blocking technique on both the sides and back and that combines two different levels of Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ – Revlon Professional. A very cold blonde 9.127 (15 ML) + 10.01 (15 ML) + 4 vol was used after the hair was pre-lightened with Magnet™ Blondes Ultimate Powder 9 + 10 vol and a brunette shade was applied to the remaining hair (6.12 + 30 ML) + 4 vol to offer a sense of newness.

luscious red

We hope you have been inspired by our Glowlayage techniques! We just want to leave you with the reminder that hair represents at least 80% of the total image and its importance should not be underestimated. That’s why the color techniques most requested by clients are often inspired by the soft, dimensional Balayage. However, we also live in an era in which customization is key, so don’t be afraid of personalizing the service and adapting the color to suit your client.

To discover more about the latest color trends head to our educational platform, #AlwaysOn (for clients only). You can sign up by leaving us your contact details. You can also shop online for all your favorite products at our Revlon Proshop!


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