The Hair Industry Is Experiencing a Meaningful Transformation. Embrace It with Eksperience 

March 8, 2023

A new meaningful transformation is happening in the hair industry, salon clients are on a quest for well-being and seeking exquisite sensorial experiences. They are more conscious of their choices so, with this in mind, now really is the perfect time to get on board and become an empowered salon! Wellness is proving to be a great formula for helping your clients find a relaxing escape from the fast paced world before returning with gorgeous hair and a renewed sense of body and soul. So sit back and let us guide you on how to best evolve your hair salon into a wellness destination with Eksperience™  range and let us introduce you to the outstanding thalassotherapy hair rituals.

The First Hairdressing Concept to Thalassotherapy

A trip to the hair salon has always been somewhat of a luxury experience, but the classic salon booking of perhaps just a trim or color service has transformed into a more indulgent hair Eksperience™ that goes well beyond product performance. This new take on luxury is focused on holistic beauty which in turn calls for a fresh start from the hair industry. It is time to push the boundaries and create new salon experiences. Let your clients discover the wide range of Eksperience™ professional treatments and thalassotherapy rituals formulated with the power of the sea, science, and senses.

This sustainable and long-standing brand knows how to keep evolving. More than 20 years ago, Eksperience™ had a pioneering vision of reaching into the extraordinary abundance of the sea to source innovative marine elements. These, when paired with leading scientific expertise, created highly effective formulas to professionally treat the hair and scalp. Today, this pioneering line is the first professional thalassotherapy hair brand which merges exclusive ingredients with advanced research, magnifying their essence for outstanding hair beauty results. Eksperience™ products are  perfect for this new holistic approach to beauty as they combine sustainable practices.

Eksperience™, the first professional thalassotherapy hair brand

Contemporary Hairdressing Salons

Salon clients are seeking luxurious sensory experiences and are more conscious of their choices. A hair salon that transforms into a wellness destination works perfectly for many reasons: the familiarity of the stylist that draws the clients, the sense of confidence in trying a new experience, achieving tranquility in a warm, welcoming space, and connecting with brands that reflect their values and beliefs but with this change new experiences are required. We recommend offering exclusive sensorial and freshly made hair rituals such as Talassotherapy. The Talassotherapy service begins by mixing a Marine Algae Treatment, with a particular Essential Extract, some drops of the Multivitamin Cocktail and a ready-to-use Talassotherapy Hair Remineralizing Mud Pack to create a purifying and fresh action. this multi-step salon service not only helps to treat a variety of scalp issues; including excess sebum, hair loss, sensitive scalp and dandruff, the exquisite texture of the mud and the delicate gestures of the massages provide every client with an ultimate well-being Eksperience™ .

As a stylist, what motivates you to adapt to this contemporary way of working? Is it the need to increase clientele? To elevate your skills and artistry? To be at the top of your game? Whatever your reasons may be, we have the expertise to help you incorporate this new way of working. This will not only help your clients feel more relaxed, but will also provide a better working environment for you and your team.

A Journey to Wellness in Beauty Salons

Offer your clients a moment to pamper themselves and disconnect by embracing the wellness destination concept. Make the journey one to remember by optimizing your services, ensuring you have the tools just like the Mampoo bowl which is the perfect recipient for fresh preparation of the Talassotherapy and other rituals, Professional in-salon and at-home Eksperience™ hair products and rituals, and the training to grow your business into a wellness journey where sea, science, and senses are all involved.

A woman experiencing an Eksperience talassotherapy treatment

If you are a stylist looking for more inspiration, go to our Revlon Pro Shop and get all the products you need for your clients, including the Eksperience™ range by Revlon Professional. Visit our educational platform, #AlwaysOn to discover all the step by step rituals by Eksperience, the perfect handcrafted rituals that awakens the senses while elevating personal wellness.

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