How to Care for and Restore Damaged Hair After Summer

September 8, 2022

Summer is the season when we are more relaxed and carefree to the point that we may not realize that our hair can get damaged after time at the beach. At Revlon Professional®, we have just the product that will help restore damaged hair after summer: Eksperience™ Reconstruct. This professional treatment is formulated with ingredients that help restore the hair fiber, bringing elasticity and softness to hair that has become thin, porous, and damaged during the summer.

How to Repair Damaged Hair

The time we spend in the summer sun can actually cause damage to our hair. External factors such as the sun, salty sea water or chlorine are key when it comes to breaking the hair fiber. In order to combat this, hairdressing professionals can use specific treatments like our Eksperience™ Reconstruct to damaged hair and strengthen it. With a few simple steps, it’s possible to rebuild the most damaged hair and renew its elasticity, in addition to offering a sensory experience which clients will want to repeat at your salon.



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Take Care of Damaged Hair With Eksperience™ Reconstruct

The best thing to do after summer is to continue that relaxing feeling with a hair ritual and treatment that will help to reconstruct the hair fiber, restoring elasticity and softness. We’ll tell you the steps of this process so you can offer great services after the summer. Welcome to  Eksperience™ Reconstruct!

  • Eksperience™ Reconstruct Phase 1 – Keratin Filler: with this Aquamaris Complex infused treatment, you can begin to repair the open, damaged cuticle and weakened cortex by providing additional keratin to summer-damaged hair, improving its appearance* and making hair less porous** (dermatologically tested and proven effective through SEM testing).
  • Eksperience™ Reconstruct Phase 2 – Cleansing-oil: after having treated the hair with Keratin Filler, wash it with our cleansing oil for damaged hair which, thanks to its delicate and rich cleansing action, restores and improves the quality of the hair fiber.
  • Eksperience™ Reconstruct Phase 3 – regenerating-hair-mask: without a doubt, this is the fundamental step in this ritual. With the keratin conditioning treatment mask and its acidic pH of 3.4 – 4 (which helps close cuticles), in this third phase you can give the hair a lot of body, shine, elasticity and a silky feel like never before. This delicate mask is a must for reconstructing damaged hair after summer.
  • Eksperience™ Reconstruct Repairing Hair Cleanser: recommend your clientele to continue the treatment at home. With this repairing cleanser, you can complement the ritual so that the damaged hair recovers its beautiful appearance and can prolong all the benefits obtained in the salon with Eksperience™ Reconstruct.

repair damaged hair with Eksperience Reconstruct

You can get the full range of Eksperience™ Reconstruct  and offer your customers the best repairing treatment after the summer at our online store, Revlon Pro Shop. In addition, if you are a customer, you can connect to our online educational platform, #AlwaysOn, where our professionals will teach you new techniques and help you perfect those you already know. What are you waiting for? Offer your clients the best post-summer treatment to restore their damaged hair!

*Scanning Electron Microscopy Test with Phase 1 + Phase 2 + Phase 3

**Instrumental in vitro test with Phase 1 + Phase 2 + Phase 3

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