Fluid Collection: The New Collection Inspired by the Gen Z

September 2, 2022

Diversity, technology, digital communication, and respect for nature. The Gen Z is creative, adaptive, and constantly evolving. At Revlon Professional® we have soaked up everything that this limitless generation exudes and created the new Fluid Collection for this autumn and winter. The future is in our hands so we must be ready to change and break the mold of established conventions. With our new collection, the most demanding hair and the most creative minds will be more than satisfied when they leave the salon.

Gen Z Inspiration 

In today’s society, the differences between genders are blurring, creative solutions are sought outside of the conventional, and fashion continually reinvents itself. The Gen Z brings us natural makeup looks on healthy and nourished skin, where each individual is at the center. They do not disguise themselves, they stand out by elevating their natural beauty. All these ideas inspired the new Fluid Collection, with architectural lines that flow and converge and with white as the main color. The collection is as fluid as creativity, gender, and life itself.

The Collection 

We have three hairdressing icons who have created the Fluid Collection with salon needs in mind: Albana Aliu, Brand Education Master (France), Fabrice Chesaux, Brand Ambassador (Switzerland), and Diana Mota, Education Coach (Spain). These three have chosen the trends that will have a positive impact on your salon and help you grow your business. Their starting point was fluidity as a lifestyle and the Gen Z. These elements led them to create the 3 styles of the Fluid Collection.

the three hair art icons who have created the Revlon Professional Fluid Collection


This cut, inspired by the fashionable mullet of the 60’s, has a lot of texture and blunt bangs.

To create the color, pre-lighten the hair, then apply the new Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™Amethyst shade to the roots to create the #shadowroots effect and mix Amethyst with Clear for the rest of the hair. To illuminate the face, apply the Diamond shade to the fringe. The result is a metallic and avant-garde look.

HAIR COLOR TIP: protect the mid-lengths and ends with Magnet™ Ultimate Pre-technical Equalizer by pre-lightening the roots. For additional shine, apply the lighter shade of color to the bangs.

HAIRCUTTING TIP: when cutting very fine hair, always use the flat cutting technique to achieve volume.

A model from the Fluid Collection with an amethyst shadowroots look


The faux bob cut is great for this look. To achieve texture and to enhance the wavy hairstyle, layer the hair without limits. Pre-lighten the hair to create a very light blonde. Then, apply the new Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ Diamond shade to tone the hair. The result is a futuristic and glamorous mane!

HAIR COLOR TIP: create dimension by alternating the two blonde tones. For depth, create uneven shadow roots with a maximum width of 3cm.

HAIRCUTTING TIP: customize the cut on dry hair to enhance natural waves.

A model from the Fluid Collection with a diamond blonde look


For finer, straighter hair, use the airtouch balayage technique to create strategically placed lighter areas.  Iluminate and volumize the hair with the new Color Excel Gloss by Revlonissimo™ Bronzite shade. The result is natural-looking, illuminated hair that is highly marketable. And the best part is that it’s low maintenance!

HAIR COLOR TIP: take thin sections when using the airtouch technique to create a beautiful result. For a perfect color transition, mix the two color shades very well.

A model from the Fluid Collection with a Bronzite balayage look.

Don’t wait any longer to recreate the Fluid Collection with all the colors that the Gen Z wants! If you are already a customer, you can shop in our online store, Revlon Pro Shop. You can also access our online educational platform, #AlwaysOn, where you will be able to learn more techniques from the Fluid Collection and get a step by step guide on how to recreate each look.

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