Repair Damaged Hair with Eksperience Reconstruct. The Renewing Journey!

April 28, 2022

As a professional hairdresser, have you ever wondered how powerful professional hair products and treatments could be when combined with the power of SEA. SCIENCE and SENSES? It is time to offer your clients exclusive hair rituals for a moment of wellbeing and professional results with the power of seawater and its bountiful properties. Discover Eksperience™ Reconstruct, a range to target the necessities of dry and damaged hair, offering high performing hair treatments that you and your clients have been waiting for.

A Hair Renewal Journey

Offer your clients complete hair care from the inside out with our Eksperience™ Reconstruct range. A high-performance range formulated with ingredients that help rebuild the hair fiber, restoring elasticity and softness to porous and damaged hair. A professional in-salon ritual that addresses every hair needs step by step for outstanding results. Take a glance at the key benefits of the Eksperience™ Reconstruct in-salon treatment:

  • Hydrates
  • Nourishes
  • Reduces hair porosity
  • Reconstructs hair fiber

The effectiveness of this range is due to its marine ingredients with abundant properties such as Aquamaris Complex, Ceraminum Rubrum Algae, Keratin Amino Acids, Marine Collagen, Castor Oil & Linseed oil as well as Panthenol. Let these ingredients work their wonders thanks to the perfect combination of the SCIENCE, SENSES and the SEA. It is time for a reconstructing Eksperience™!

Discover the In-Salon Wellbeing Ritual to Reconstruct Hair

Eksperience Reconstruct Range

Nowadays clients associate hair salons with a moment for themselves to be pampered. This in-salon ritual is just what they are looking for; a multisensory Eksperience™ that is as effective as relaxing. It only takes three steps for your client’s hair to be stronger, with less porosity* and with better appearance**.

  1. Our Eksperience™ Reconstruct Phase 1 – Keratin Filler reconstructs hair from the inside
  2. Cleanse and nourish with the Eksperience™ Reconstruct Phase 2 – Cleansing Oil
  3. Hydrate and Condition with the Eksperience™ Reconstruct Phase 3 – Regenerating Hair Mask

* In vitro instrumental test with Phase 1 + Phase 2 + Phase 3. **Scanning Electron Microscopy test with Phase 1 + Phase 2 + Phase 3

Do not wait any longer and repair your clients’ hair through a renewing service at the salon with our Eksperience™ Reconstruct products available at #REVLONPROSHOP. Visit our E-learning platform #REVLONPROALWAYSON and learn more about this high performing range that targets specific hair needs from the inside out with every product. Do not forget to recommend your clients to further elevate the in-salon hair reconstruction with an at-home routine to repair hair and maintain the results for a longer period of time. Prolong the results beyond the salon with the new Eksperience at-home repairing cleanser; it will help reconstruct damaged hair, prevent breakage, and add a boost of nourishment from the comfort of home.

Welcome to the renewing journey.

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