Copper Blonde Balayage: A Stunning Twist on Classic Highlights

March 18, 2024

What Is Copper Blonde Balayage?

There’s no doubt that copper is trending in 2024! The sky really is the limit when it comes to color play, as copper comes in a spectrum of shades, ranging from light, golden hues to deeper orange and vibrant reddish tones. However, for clients who may be intrigued by the shade but are not quite ready to go all the way, copper blonde Balayage is the ultimate luxe but still subtle copper tone that can hit all those trend points. Read on for more pro tips and build your clients copper confidence by recommending 2024’s Hair Color of the Year 88.44 that was voted for at the Second Edition of The Front Row Summit by 1,500 hairdressers!


Choosing the Right Copper Blonde Shade

Selecting the right tone depends on your client’s individual preferences and style goals but, for a true copper blonde, we recommend shades 8.04 Light Natural copper blonde by Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ COPPERS and 8.34 Light Golden copper blonde for a more prominent golden hue. 

When it comes to the technique, copper blonde Balayage offers a fresh take on classic highlights, providing a lived-in and effortlessly chic look that suits a wide range of personal styles. 

Characterized by its versatility and adaptability to various hair lengths, textures, and densities, copper blonde offers a range of possibilities, from subtle enhancements to bold transformations. Whether you choose a cutting-edge bob or a more commercial but impactful Balayage, the Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ Hair Color Of The Year 2024 in its full electric glory or a more traditional shade, it opens the door to a world of possibilities for you and your client.

Adaptations for Different Hair Textures

Copper blonde Balayage is versatile and complements various hair textures. Whether your client’s hair is straight, wavy, or curly, the Balayage technique can be adapted to enhance its natural movement. If your client has a natural base of 8 or below, you’ll need to pre-lighten the base shade with a High lift hair lightener (we recommend Magnet™). Additionally, you can customize the color using a selection of oil developers, providing clients with a comfortable hair lightening service that delivers excellent color results while respecting the integrity of the hair.

The length and density of your client’s hair will also play a role in how the Balayage will look. For shorter hair, a strategic placement of copper blonde highlights can add depth, while longer hair allows for more movement and dimension.


Techniques to Enhance Natural Movement

To maximize the impact of copper blonde Balayage, consider techniques that enhance the natural movement of your client’s hair. Incorporating face framing Balayage technique will mimic the natural way the sun lightens the hair and bring a pop of color to key points on your clients face depending on how and where you place the brush strokes. It’s important to discuss this placement with our client during their initial color consultation. Additionally, concentrating color towards the ends by applying thicker sections of pre-lightener will achieve a bolder effect which can then be toned with Color Excel™. This will give a bright or ‘sun kissed’ effect that will not only elevate the overall look but also help recover up to 4X the shine* with visibly improved condition.



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Styling Tips for Copper Blonde Balayage

Preserving the vibrancy of copper blonde Balayage requires the right care and styling. Recommend that your clients invest in professional products to prevent color fading such as the RE/START™ Color range that is formulated with KERABIOTIC OXI GUARD™ technology. It gently cleans and prevents fading for vibrant color and has ingredients such as açai extract (a natural antioxidant) that will leave hair radiant. 

Copper blonde Balayage comes to life with textured styles. Create beachy waves or enhance the hair’s natural texture with RE/START™ Curls Multipurpose Gel-To-Oil  to nourish and define curls for a laid-back and effortlessly chic look. For a more polished appearance, soft curls can beautifully showcase the dimension of copper blonde balayage. We recommend using Style Masters™ Curly Fanaticurls™ to provide hair with anti-humidity properties and help preserve color. Then, you can use a large barrelled curling wand or round brush to achieve loose, bouncy curls that highlight the copper blonde Balayage color variations.

For incredible softness and remarkable radiance, finish with some Orofluido™ Original Elixir.

We hope that you agree that the copper blonde balayage technique offers a stunning departure from conventional highlights, allowing for a personalized and sunlit aesthetic. With the right shade, techniques, and styling tips, you can make a bold statement to your clients hair but while also keeping it wearable and relatively low maintenance (win win!) so get creative!

Copper blonde Balayage can provide a striking departure from traditional highlights, offering a personalized and sunlit aesthetic. With the right shade, techniques, and styling tips, you can make a bold statement with your client’s hair, all while maintaining a wearable and relatively low-maintenance look!

Remember that you can always turn to our educational platform, #AlwaysOn, to keep learning about different hair coloring techniques. You can also stock up on all your favorite professional products on our Revlon ProShop.

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