Auburn Hair: How to Get the Color Everyone Wants

February 11, 2024

Are you on the lookout for a new, rich, and trending hair color? We have one that will flatter every skin tone, bring much needed vibrancy, and add a glow to your complexion. The most sought-after auburn hair color will work perfectly for you and your clients.

With vibrant hues ranging from light ginger to rich, dark reddish brown, there is a shade to suit all wants and needs, so you can offer the hottest auburn hair color at your salon.

Of course, if you are lucky enough to have auburn hair as your natural color, it may look a little more on the brown side and you will likely notice that the sought-after copper-red tones will start to naturally fade with age. Thankfully, no matter what your color goal is, Revlon Professional® hair color journey  can empower you to offer any color trend at your salon. If your clients are looking for an at home service, you can give them the perfect top up with Nutri Color™ Filters.

What Is Auburn Hair and Who Does It Suit?

Auburn hair color is made up of brown/orange/red shades, which appear brighter or darker depending on the prominent tone. This mix of vibrant hues means that auburn hair can vary and that there are a multitude of different shades hues available that range from a brighter and more coppery red, all the way through to a dark rich color with mostly red tones. This wide variety makes auburn hair not only ultra-versatile but also incredibly flattering on all skin tones. Cooler skin tones and dark eyes look great with deep, dark auburn hair, while lighter shades work better if you have pale skin and light eyes. Of course, you can always incorporate small amounts of auburn into your current style by adding auburn toned highlights or lowlights as a face framing pop of color, or as a base for highlights.

Auburn hair color is the perfect fall choice for anyone wanting to try a new and highly personalized hair color.

1. Dark Auburn Hair

Dark brown Auburn hair is perfect for those that want to keep their hair on the medium to dark side but with a warm Auburn twist, best on bases 6 and under the rich and warm color pigments lean more toward the brown side but contain a warm spectrum of orange and red which makes a sophisticated change to the usual dull looking brunette hair. That is due to the warmer and highly reflective undertones that reflect with the light to appear in various levels of vividness – from a luscious chocolate to full pumpkin ginger. We love this stunning look, perfect for if you are craving a sophisticated change to your usual brunette hair that will make your skin glow and your eye color stand out, the ribbons of Auburn hair color against the darker base, highlights the different levels of vividness and the reflective shine will frame your face beautifully.


2.  Light Auburn Hair

Light auburn hair can usually be seen on levels 7 and above, and is mostly recognizable by the term strawberry blonde. However, it can also range to brighter coppery tones and more fashion shades such as 0.54 Nutri Color™ Filter or 400 Tangerine, these shades perfect for clients to top up their fast fading auburn hair colors at home. Why does this color fade? This happens because the lighter auburn hair colors tend to contain more orange than red, which can lose vibrancy quickly. These lighter shades work with both cool and warm complexions and can be achieved on someone with natural or colored hair. They can be added as a gloss over previously lightened hair or by highlighting techniques, such as Balayage, which give greater dimension and depth to hair. If choosing highlights, we recommend that you use more than one color to achieve the most natural looking result with stunning multidimensional tonality.



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How to Get and Maintain Auburn Hair

Auburn hair can be trickier to maintain than some other colors, especially if it has bright, orange/red tones because these high maintenance warmer pigments are known to fade faster. It’s also more difficult if your hair is naturally light, as it can fade much quicker. Other than regular touch ups at the salon, one trick to helping auburn hair color last longer is washing it less often. One to three times a week is ideal and if you need more, consider dry shampoo or an updo instead of a wash day.

Professional styling products are an essential investment when maintaining professional color. The care and styling products by Revlon Professional® hair care products use innovative technology for outstanding performance. You’ll also want to top up with Nutri Color™ Filters and avoid salt water and chlorine, as these can strip the color. Lastly, sun protection is an essential step in slowing color fade.



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There’s a huge variety of shades, so let’s look at what will suit you and your clients the best. This really depends on the intensity of the shade you want to achieve, the base color, and your client’s skin tone. As always, there are no set rules when creating the perfect color. However there are certain shades that suit different skin tones and eye colors, so following these tips can help your clients get the best auburn hair color for them.

Now that you know about the auburn hair color that is trending this fall, we recommend that you learn more about  Nutri Color™ Filters. These direct color shades give you absolute creative control over your color services! The 3-IN-1 INSTA-PIC TECHNOLOGY™ delivers DIRECT, intense COLOR, CARE, and SHINE. The level of customization opens a world of multi-chromatic possibilities. You can get the whole range at our online store, Revlon Pro Shop.

If you are already a client or want to join our growing hairdressing community and gain access to our educational platform, simply head to #AlwaysOn and discover the newest hair trends.  Let yourself be seduced by these versatile auburn hair color ideas and start recreating flattering auburn hair using different techniques and tones for a multitude of looks. We can’t wait to see them!

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