Discover Revlonissimo Colorsmetique: The Ultimate Integrated Metal Protection

March 15, 2024

When it comes to professional hair coloring, achieving vibrant, long-lasting results is the ultimate goal. However, every day, hair absorbs pollutants, including metals, which can wreak havoc during technical hair services by reacting with hydrogen peroxide. This triggers uncontrolled free radical reactions, damaging the hair’s structure and leading to weaker hair and unreliable color results that lack vibrancy. Enter Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™, the game-changer equipped with integrated metal protection that ensures your hair color remains stunningly vibrant and uniform.

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Understanding How Metals Can Compromise a Client’s Color

Metals like copper, iron, and manganese, commonly found in air and water, can disrupt the hair coloring process in multiple ways:

  1. Interference with Dye Formation: Metals disrupt the chemical reactions crucial for hair dye formulation, leading to inconsistent color results and patchiness.
  2. Metals in the Air & Water Can Build Up on Hair: Metals interfere with dye formation and release uncontrolled radical ions that damage the hair fiber. The resulting color is dull and imprecise.
  3. Release of Free Radicals: Metal exposure triggers the release of free radicals, causing damage to the hair fiber and resulting in dullness and brittleness.
  4. Swelling of the Hair Mixture: Metals alter the pH and viscosity of hair dye mixtures, leading to instability and compromised color integrity.

Revlonissimo Colorsmetique Defends Against Metal Damage

Do you wonder why professional color surpasses box and home dyes? Take Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™, for instance. It blends science and beauty to deliver top-notch technologies, outstanding performance, and unparalleled metal protection, setting a new standard in color excellence. 

  1. Delivers a Chelating Action: This targets and deactivates metals to neutralize free radicals and inhibit their harmful effects. It protects the hair fiber and ensures a stable mixture and reliable color result.
  2. Deactivation of Metals: Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ deactivates metals, rendering them inert and harmless to the hair fiber, guaranteeing color stability.
  3. Neutralization of Free Radicals: The product neutralizes free radicals generated by metal exposure, minimizing oxidative stress and preserving hair integrity.
  4. Keratin Enhancement: Keratin structure is reinforced for a healthier hair fiber and hair quality. Color is vibrant, uniform, and long-lasting.
  5. Protection of the Hair Fiber: A protective barrier forms around the hair fiber, shielding it from environmental aggressors and maintaining strength, elasticity, and shine.

Metals induce alterations in the pH and viscosity of hair dye mixtures, leading to instability and compromising the integrity of color outcomes. The presence of metals can disrupt the balance of pH levels in hair dye mixtures, leading to inconsistencies in color development and overall performance. Additionally, changes in viscosity can affect the spreadability and adherence of the dye to the hair shaft, resulting in uneven color application and diminished color retention. The unbeatable metal protection of Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ stops this swelling and keeps the dye stable.

The Ker-Ha Complex: Elevating Hair Care to New Heights

At the core of Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ lies the Ker-Ha Complex, a blend of key ingredients that nourish and fortify the hair.

  • Hyaluronic Acid: Known for its moisturizing properties, it hydrates the hair and keeps it soft, supple, and resilient.
  • Phyto-Keratin: Helps to protect, repair, and strengthen the hair shaft, enhancing protein integrity from the inside and fortifying the hair’s condition.
  • Antioxidant Molecules: Controls the speed of the coloration reaction for a longer lasting result while helping to protect the hair from oxidative damage, maintaining color integrity and preventing premature fading.
  • Shine Sealer: Surrounds the hair strand providing for a long-lasting mirror effect that reflects the light.

Revlonissimo Colorsmetique Kera Complex

Home Tips: Managing Metals Between Salon Visits

Tackling the subtle yet persistent challenge of metal buildup between color appointments is crucial for maintaining vibrant, healthy looking hair. While often unnoticed, the metals present in daily pollutants can wreak havoc on hair health and color outcomes over time. Opt for color care products that are specially formulated to counteract lingering metals. We recommend safeguarding your clients’ hair integrity and ensuring impeccable color results by recommending a tailored home hair care routine. 

Magnet™ Ultimate Post-Technical Shampoo

This product rebalances the hair’s pH levels and recovers hair’s inner structure after technical services. It also has bonding ingredients that recover the hair’s inner structure during a technical service.

  • Reduces mineral build up and metallic deposits
  • Neutralizes the negative effects of poor water quality.

Magnet™ Ultimate Post-Technical Treatment 

This product is specially formulated for chemically treated hair. It reinforces the internal structure of damaged and compromised hair after a technical service. It contains bonding ingredients that create new bonds and strengthen the hair fiber.

  • Reduces particle deposition
  • Prevents free-radical formation
  • Lightweight
  • Optimum shine

Magnet™ Ultimate Daily Fix & Shield

This is a multi-protecting bonding leave-in treatment for the hair and scalp that fights the effects of external aggressors. Its bonding ingredients create new bonds and strengthen the hair fiber.

  • PM1 Filter: Reduces the adherence of particles on the hair’s surface
  • Anti-Free Radical: Protects hair against free radicals
  • UV Protection: Helps to combat UV damages and premature hair aging
  • Detangles instantly and leaves hair with an incredible soft touch.
  • Protip: Invest in a Shower Filter. Recommend that your clients install a shower filter to wash hair with cleaner, purer water as this will reduce exposure to metals and other chemicals like chlorine, particularly in areas with hard water. (Also invest in some for your salon backwash area!)

By incorporating these tailored hair care practices into their routine, your clients can effectively minimize the impact of metals on their hair’s day-to-day condition. 

Elevate Your Color Experience with Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™

Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ sets the standard for integrated metal protection in hair coloring products. Its advanced formula and innovative technology ensure vibrant, long-lasting color that surpasses expectations. With Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™, say goodbye to dull and faded hair color and hello to stunning, salon-quality results every time.

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Are you ready to discover all the ways that Revlon Professional is dedicated to metal protection in your salon? Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ isn’t our only game changing product for metals! You can also discover how Magnet™ tackles the metals in the hair fiber to eliminate and prevent metal buildup. It’s time to prepare, protect, and repair hair before, during, and after any premium technical service. Get your hands on all our products today at #REVLONPROSHOP and check out our 24/7 #REVLONALWAYSON E-learning platform for more pro tips! Put us to the test and request a visit from our sales reps to learn more about our technology. 


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