Ginger Brown Hair: How To Achieve This Trending Color

December 21, 2023

If you didn’t know already, ginger brown hair is here and it’s not going anywhere soon! We already know that offering a warm-toned upgrade is perfect in the autumn and winter but what makes this shade so different is its versatility all year round. If your clients are asking for this trending color, then it’s time to find out the formulas and pro tips to help you to create it.


What Is Ginger Brown Hair?

Ginger brown hair is a blend of warm, red-infused tones including copper, auburn, and chocolate. It offers a slightly muted and wearable version of more vibrant copper and red tones making it the perfect choice for clients looking to infuse  their hair with subtle warmth that can look natural depending on the chosen techniques and tones.


Understanding the Basics of Coloring

To achieve ginger brown hair, it’s essential to understand the basics of hair coloring. Although this color isn’t particularly light or bright in tone, the hair may need to be lifted to create the ideal base for the color, especially for those with naturally dark hair (bases 6 and under). 

While clients may be concerned that pre-lightening their hair can cause some damage, a high-quality lightener will minimize harm and maintain the hair’s integrity. We recommend Magnet™, our ultimate range that contains an exclusive BondIN System™ that will prevent, protect, and repair the hair from the inside out. Your clients can be reassured and you can be confident in achieving excellent color results. 

Highlighting techniques like babylights and foilayage can add dimension and depth to the color, creating a dynamic result. Once the perfect undertone is achieved (generally orange or red) you can get creative by applying the desired tone. If your client has natural color or a lighter base (6 and above) then you can of course skip the pre-lightener and go straight in with a semi-permanent or permanent hair color. Be sure you assess the client’s hair goals and adjust the color application technique and tone depending on their starting base. 

Choosing the Right Shade of Ginger Brown

Ginger brown hair comes in various shades that work best on a level 4 up to a level 7. The color can lean more towards red, copper, or brunette so preference regarding the dominant tone needs to be discussed with your client to ensure you are both on the same page. We recommend looking through some inspo pictures (such as the ones below) to help guide your client. 

When it comes to skin tone, this is where the versatility of the warm shade really shines. It can create a striking contrast against cool skin tones and harmonizes beautifully with warm complexions and darker skin tones. Our pro tip is to discuss longevity, check the starting base, and then get those color charts out and hold the swatches up to your client’s face to create a bespoke blend and service.


Special Considerations for Ginger Brown Hair

Achieving the perfect ginger brown hair color is just the beginning. To ensure that your client’s stunning new shade lasts and remains vibrant, it’s crucial that they adopt a hair care routine specifically tailored to ginger brown hair. Here are some essential tips:

  1. Recommend color-safe shampoos and conditioners such as the RE/START™ Color range, which will become one of your clients best friends when it comes to preserving the vibrancy of ginger brown hair. These specially formulated shampoos and conditioners help lock in color and prevent premature fading.
  2. Use semi permanent color masks such as Nutri Color™ Filters. These are a game-changer for maintaining ginger brown hair. The pigmented treatment with 3-IN-1 INSTA-PIC TECHNOLOGY™  delivers intense color, care, and shine and will refresh your clients salon color in just 3-15 minutes. These masks come in various shades to suit different hair hues. Tones such as 740 Light Copper and 400 Tangerine are the ideal choice for enhancing the brightness of ginger brown hair.  The best part is that these semi-permanent color masks can be used in the salon or by your clients at home. Simply apply the mask to clean, towel-dried hair and distribute it evenly with a wide tooth comb. Apply it for 3 minutes for a color refresh or for 15 minutes to get more intense colors on pre-lightened or bleached hair. Next, rinse it out to enjoy!
  3. Regular touch-ups are important because ginger brown hair requires some maintenance as the ‘ginger’ tones will fade leaving a more brunette vibe . Consider scheduling regular color touch-ups every 6-12 weeks with clients to keep their color looking fresh and vibrant.
  4. Moisturizing hair care is also essential. Incorporating moisturizing hair care products into your client’s routine is key to help lock down that cuticle and keep the hair shiny and healthy looking. A professional deep treatment hair mask, like the RE/START™ Pro-Care System Color & Shine Shot is a perfect in-salon treatment for clients with color treated hair that need a 5 minutes hair transformation.
  5. A pigment restoring topcoat. Red dye molecules fade faster than other hair colors, so it’s a good idea to have a pigment restoring topcoat on hand. Nutricolor Filters™ are excellent options for refreshing your client’s vibrant ginger brown color while adding brilliant shine


Nutri Color Filters from Revlon

How to Rock Ginger Brown Hair

Now that you’re familiar with the ginger brown hair trend, it’s time to inspire your clients to embrace this trendy look for the fall season.

Rich Brunette Base With Ginger Brown Highlights


For clients who are new to the ginger brown shade, this technique is a perfect starting point. It adds a touch of warmth that will suit all complexions and work really well on that post summer Balayage blonde. For a similar look, try Color Excel™ 5.23 Light Golden Copper Brown plus a touch of 4 Medium Brown on the roots and blend that into 7.43 Medium Copper Golden Blonde with a touch of 6.4 Dark Copper Blonde. Apply over the existing lighter sections for a reverse Balayage technique or refresh the lighter sections around the face first and then proceed with the formula.

Blonde to Ginger Brown: Before & After

Would you believe that this rich and glossy color was applied over existing level 8/9 blonde hair with a regrowth of a base 6? Well that’s exactly what happened and we have the exact color formula to help you to recreate this contemporary transformation!

The best part is that, when this client wants to go blonde again next summer, the ginger brown shade will eventually fade out on the mids and ends to reveal a warm blonde shade (depending on the integrity/maintenance). Here’s the formula: roots with 6.4 + 20 vol, mids with 6.4 + 7.4 + 20 vol, and ends with 7.4 + 15 vol.


Dimensional Ginger Brown With a Touch of Vibrancy

Looking for a rich and warm ginger brown shade? Then try this look! To achieve a similar color result, we recommend Revlonissimo Colorsmetique™ 5.4 Light Copper Brown at the roots with a blend of 66.40 Intense Copper and 7.45 Medium Copper Mahogany Blonde throughout the mids and ends.


Ready to create your own ginger brown hair? Then head to our 24/7 educational platform, #AlwaysOn, (for customers only, so click the link to become one!) to discover more trending colors and tips. You can also shop our entire product range by logging on to the Revlon ProShop.


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