Color Sublime: The Brand Committed to the Environment

May 17, 2023

Your clients may be asking for a vegan hair color alternatives. Or perhaps as an empowered brand and stylist, you may be seeking a more clean, conscious and sustainable professional color range that won’t compromise the health of your client’s hair or the planet. Revlonissimo Color Sublime™ is your answer! The innovative formulas balance performance with sustainability and color with care, respecting hair while also being committed to the planet.

New Color Sublime Sunset Collection

A New Clean, Conscious, and Sustainable Era

This vegan ammonia-free permanent hair color range by Revlonissimo Color Sublime™ was inspired by nature and is perfect for this new sustainable era. It is formulated with ingredients up to 97% of natural derived ingredients such as  responsibly sourced cold-pressed oils. Why cold-pressed oils? Cold-pressing is done to obtain naturally-derived ingredients while minimizing environmental impact. Our Revlonissimo Color Sublime™ products are also free ammonia, mineral oil, and silicones. This information may also be interesting to your clients as we know that clients have become more informed about the ingredients in beauty products and demand greater transparency from their hairdressers.

The innovative Dual Action Color System technology uses ingredients of a natural origin to deliver professional, long-lasting color. It respects hair structure for 3x stronger hair and up to 100% gray coverage. It provides vibrancy and hair care all in one! This also means that you do not need to choose limited color results over caring for the environment. Revlonissimo Color Sublime™ brings nature to the salon with the Sunset Collection. This line was inspired by the ephemeral and magical sunset hues, and offers 3 brand new vibrant shades. It delivers high-performing, clean, vegan formulas that respect the hair structure and the planet. We are also one step closer to sustainability with packaging that is made from 60% less plastic, 1/4 less paper, and recyclable plastic and aluminum.


Discover the Sustainable Actions You Can Take at Your Salon 

We are here to support you and your salon! We believe that a small gesture goes a long way. For instance did you know balayage can produce a lot of waste due to the foils, water usage, and the aluminum color tubes? This service is extremely popular, so we need to develop new, more conscious working practices. Revlon Professional has done just that by developing a new #CONSCIOUSBALAYAGE to help stylists and the industry transform their color services into a cleaner salon experience. We hope you will help us continue to take sustainability further by implementing these tips at your salon.


  • Equip your salon with recycling bins for paper, plastic, glass, hair color tubes, and foils for highlights and hair.
  • Properly separate all the product components after use. You can specify this to make it easier.
  • Call your local council to find out how to recycle in your community. When it comes to hair, make sure you donate it to a health organization or as compost for urban gardens.
  • Apply a discount to your client’s next purchase for each used container they bring back.
  • If you’re looking to refurbish your salon, use responsibly-sourced materials when possible, such as FSC-certified.


  • Use social media to showcase your work.
  • Use digital vouchers.
  • Identify and eliminate unnecessary paperwork by using double sided paper or electronic forms.
  • Digitize your agenda and client’s color cards.
  • Share your brands’ QR codes with your clients so that they can learn about the product benefits and get inspired by new styles and techniques.
  • Do not offer paper cups.


  • When rinsing hair, reduce the water temperature slightly, lukewarm water is better than hot water.
  • Dim the lights in areas not being used and only shine a light on the spaces in which you are working.
  • Use LED (light-emitting diode) energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Adjust the thermostat +2° in summer and -2° in winter.
  • Use curtains to help reduce your heating and air conditioning consumption. Uncover your windows in winter and cover them in summer.
  • Unplug appliances to reduce phantom energy consumption. Look for an energy rating above A+.
  • Use appliances with low energy consumption or upgrade them when possible.
  • Fully load your washing/dishwashing machines.


  • Cleaning can be sustainable too! Read labels carefully and opt for non-chlorine bleach to ensure that your salon is a safer and healthier environment.


  • Update your color techniques in order to reduce the usage of foils, cotton pads or other sources of waste.


  • Be a source of inspiration by sharing your clean beauty products and sustainability tips with your clients.


  • Be mindful about water consumption. Turn the faucet off to save water while massaging color, shampoo, or conditioner. One drop of water every two seconds equals 4,000 liters per year!

You can stock up directly by heading to our professional Revlon Pro Shop. To further empower your salon, head to Revlon Pro AlwaysOn, (available for clients only, so click the link to become one) and discover our new #CONCIOUSBALAYAGE technique and much more!


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