Revlon Professional’s Front Row Summit 2023: A Remarkable Gathering for Hair Professionals

May 16, 2023

Immerse yourself in the world of hairdressing excellence, as Revlon Professional’s Front Row Summit 2023 took center stage amidst the vibrant ambiance of Palma de Mallorca. This extraordinary event, brilliantly hosted by Mario Aragón, SVP of Revlon Professional, and Miquel Garcia Cotado, Global Creative VP of Revlon Professional Brands, attracted a congregation of 1,500 hairstylists from every corner of the globe. Together, they indulged in a fusion of inspiration, creativity, innovation, and trendsetting.

Mario Aragon

Mario and Miquel took the stage, unraveling the captivating macrotrends for consumer behavior, fashion, beauty, and hair, offering a glimpse into the future. To elevate the experience further, renowned Revlon Professional Ambassadors, the exceptionally talented Emmanuel Esteban (France), Rafael Bueno (Spain), and Robert Masciave (UK), stepped forward, transforming these trends into breathtaking hair fashion statements, presenting their models with unrivaled finesse. The audience was captivated by the sheer artistry and skill displayed by these incredible hairstylists as they translated the latest trends into awe-inspiring hair looks.

Front Row Event

The charismatic Miquel Garcia then extended an invitation to the audience, inviting them to actively participate in an interactive session to co-create Revlon’s Hair Color of the Year 2024. Through a real-time voting app, hairstylists harnessed their expertise and contributed to the selection of the next trending color. This unique opportunity enabled participants to share their insights, shaping the very future of the hairdressing industry.

At the core of the event, Revlon Professional aimed to empower its international community of hairstylists, equipping them with essential tools to elevate their standards and build exceptional brands. The acclaimed keynote speaker, Sophia Hilton, ignited the venue with her electrifying and impassioned presentation, inspiring all in attendance to embrace their individual authenticity and cultivate a remarkable online presence, particularly through social media platforms.

Sophie Hilton

Stepping onto the stage, Eva Ziegler, a transformational leader with over two decades of experience in fostering brand awareness, brand image, and brand love, shared her expertise. Her presentation delved into the eight key success factors for creating an outstanding customer journey, which in turn drives both brand loyalty and business growth. The audience absorbed her insights, learning how to construct a powerful brand that resonates profoundly with their target audience.

rafael bueno team

As the grand finale, an awe-inspiring hair fashion presentation unfolded on the stage, masterfully curated by Emmanuel Esteban, Rafael Bueno, and Robert Masciave. These professionals skillfully translated the 2024 beauty and hair trends into catwalk looks. The audience was left inspired, departing the event eager to embark on the next chapter of their entrepreneurial journeys.

(This event is for RP customers only, don’t miss out on next year’s edition and join the Revlon Professional family to be part of Front Row 2024!)

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