Catch the Eye of Your Customers with 3 New Shades from Revlonissimo Color Sublime Inspired by Sunset Hues

March 23, 2023

Customization is key in the salon and clients love to see a variety of shades and tones that will reflect their unique personality and, of course, make them look and feel amazing. With this in mind and to coincide with the new season, Revlon Professional® set its sights on the polychrome of sunsets to expand its creative palette with 3 new shades. These colors were inspired by the ephemeral and magical sunset hues. Keep reading to discover more about the new Sunset Collection by Revlonisimo Color Sublime™ that your clients will be asking for this season!

Discover Revlon Professional’s Sunset Collection

New Shades Full of Versatility

The new Sunset Collection’s  rich shades range from vibrant reds and elegant ochres to calming, cool browns. These ammonia free, clean and vegan formulas which provide highlight reflect and maximum versatility.

Nature is a key element for Revlonissimo Color Sublime™. Its textures and colors were the inspiration for the original formula and palette of 48 shades. These 3 new colors join our most conscious and committed range to take your artistry to a new level. To mimic the vibrancy of the sunset, the brand new shades contain the C5 molecule that brings brightness and vibrancy to the shades to ensure intensity and fade resistance. These versatile shades can not only be used as a standalones that broaden the color options of your current palette, but also as natural richness intensifiers, adding extra vibrancy and brightness when mixed with the rest of the Revlonissimo Color Sublime™ range. Use the power of these 3 new intermixable shades to elevate the color service for every single customer!

New Color Sublime Sunset Collection

  • 40 Very Intense Medium Copper Blonde: the perfect addition to the copper family. It creates more intense, dimensional copper shades when paired with the rest of the Revlonissimo Color Sublime™ copper palette. We recommend mixing with the following shades: 10.04, 7.4, 7, 6.4, 5.4. to achieve high-shine, rich and warm golden and brunette shades.
  • 66 Very Intense Medium Red Blonde: bring a new radiance to the red family! This creates more intense, dimensional red shades when paired with the rest of the Revlonissimo Color Sublime™ red palette. We recommend mixing with 6.66, 5.64, 4.65 but the possibilities are endless. This flawless shade creates warm, vibrant brunettes and coppers by adding red reflections to those color families.
  • 21 Dark Iridescent Ash Blonde: this iridescent ash shade has perfectly-balanced pigments to achieve cool color results and optimal neutralization. Perfect for shadow roots, root melting, and low-light techniques. It creates different and cooler levels when mixed with the rest of the cool family. We recommend mixing it with Revlonissimo Color Sublime™ cool palette 8.21, 7.12, 5.12 for added anti-brassiness power.

Elevate Color Service for Every Single Customer

The perfect thing about these 3 new vegan and ammonia-free hair shades is that they will catch the eye of all of your customers, whether they are classic and perhaps color shy or a flamboyant fashionista! However, consultation is key. Keep your clients up to date with the new season’s trends and continue to keep your colors fresh and exciting. Still unsure how? We recommend that you use the power of these 3 new intermixable shades to elevate the color service for every customer. Take your customers beyond their usual “color block” by introducing subtle chromatic touches to the base color with our new Sunset Collection. Because natural-looking color is the opposite of monotonous, delivering richness, harmony, and infinite shades so you can create personalized colors for clients.

Empower your bolder fashionistas by simply introducing the vibrant trending shades and we have no doubt that they will want to join the sunset color richness trend and wear these extraordinary, bold new shades!

It’s time to take your artistic side to a new level by ensuring that you have all of the products and tools you need to bring this new color trend to your salon. You can stock up by heading to our professional Revlon Pro Shop. To further empower your salon, head to Revlon Pro AlwaysOn, (available for clients only, so click the link to become one) and discover our new #CONCIOUSBALAYAGE color technique that will make the new Sunset Collection shades really pop.


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