Discover the Latest in Salon Exclusive Services with Restart Pro-Care System Hair Treatments and Elevate Your Salon Experience

July 4, 2023

Hair Care Products: Introducing the Pro-Care System

Revlon Professional® invites you to discover the new, salon-exclusive professional RE/START™ Pro-Care System! These hair care products are just what your empowered salon needs in 2023. They feature brand new technology and great results for all hair types, not to mention the business opportunities. Another piece of good news is that the stunning results that you and your clients will love only take a few minutes to apply! This 2-phase system features an innovative Antioxidant Powder Primer that mixes with an ultra-performance Liquid Care Shot to bring back the quality and beauty of healthy-looking hair. We can’t wait for you to try them!

The Latest in Salon Exclusive Services with Restart Pro-Care System hair treatments

What Is Lamellar Technology?

Revlon Professional® makes precision hair intervention possible! Our RE/STARTPro-Care System formulas act as a GPS, and deliver highly concentrated ingredients right where the hair needs them. It has skin-care-inspired Lamellar Technology that forms a network of organized layers called lamellars to stabilize and maximize the performance of the hair care products.

Transformative Textures and the First Powder in Pro History

Our Restart Pro-Care System has made history by  introducing the first powder that mixes with a liquid phase to transform hair’s cosmeticity and also by having a 100% vegan formula with up to 94% natural origin ingredients! Formulated with açai, rooibos, cornstarch, and mannitol, this blend of ingredients offers antioxidant protection against free radicals. When mixed with the liquid phase, it transforms into an ultra gliding creamy emulsion that melts for a controlled application and an even hair saturation. These hair care products are the perfect addition to any styling or color service.

Restart Pro-Care: Hair Care Products and Benefits

Are you ready to meet the hair care products that will cover each and every hair need? Read on to learn about how you can create your customization combination! You can use them as stand-alone or mixing 2 of the together:

  • Color & Shine Sealer Shot is the treatment to enhance vibrancy and protect color-treated hair against fading and oxidative damage providing long-lasting shine. Formulated with porosity equalizers, açai extract, chelating and anti-fading agents that protect color with 81% natural origin ingredients, this 100% vegan formula will provide long-lasting shine after 1 application. 30% damage reduction from oxidative aggressors. 14X smoother and more conditioned hair for better light reflection.
  • Repair Bonding Shot should be your go to if you need to instantly restore your hair’s vitality and strength. Formulated with biomimetic ceramide, bond builder and phyto keratin molecules, for instant and deep internal and external hair reparation. Protects against the damages caused by chemical treatments and restores hair’s vitality and strength, recovering the natural shine and healthy-looking appearance. This formula is 100% vegan and has 84% natural origin ingredients. After just 1 application: 40% inner & outer damage recovery. Hair is 4X stronger and you’ll have 4X less breakage.
  • The Density Fortifying Shot  is a strengthening anti-breakage treatment for weak, fine hair that provides volume and increases the hair thickness. This Liquid Care Shot is enriched with a fortifying molecule that strengthens the hair structure from the inside and volumizing amino acids. Improves hair manageability and fortifies fine and brittle hair. The formula is 100% vegan and has been formulated with 92% natural origin ingredients. After just 1 application: Hair gets 24h long-lasting volume. 3X stronger hair, 3x less breakage

Experience the latest in salon-exclusive services with the Restart Pro-Care System hair treatments

How to Boost Business in Your Salon

Your clients will love how strong, shiny, and healthy their hair looks and feels after these treatments. No doubt they’ll be returning for these innovative doses! Upselling treatments alongside professional home-care products is definitely a winning formula to boost your salon and retail business and keep your clients coming back for more.

If you are a stylist looking for more inspiration, go to our Revlon Pro Shop and get all the products you need for your clients, including the full RE/START™ range by Revlon Professional. Visit our educational platform, #AlwaysOn, where you will have 24/7 access to tips and tricks from the hair pros that will keep your business in the loop and thriving!

Introducing the cutting-edge Salon Exclusive Services with the revolutionary Restart Pro-Care System for unparalleled hair treatments.


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