Hair Salon Logo Design: How To Create Your Salon’s Logo

September 29, 2021

Creating the perfect logo for your hair salon can feel like an incredibly overwhelming and daunting task. It’s usually the first interaction that potential clients will have with your salon—showing up everywhere from your website to social media, business cards, publications, and your salon door. The ideal logo captures your salon’s personality, services, and style in a fresh, modern way that is both timeless and unique. In this article, we hope to inspire your creativity with some helpful tips for designing or updating your hair salon’s logo.

Keep reading to discover how you can avoid some of the most common logo design mistakes for a salon logo that really stands out from the crowd.

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What Makes a Good Logo Design?

Whether it’s refreshing your current logo design or creating a new one from scratch, every salon owner is familiar with the immense pressure that comes with creating a brand identity for their salon. Just like the latest hairstyling trends evolve with new and improved technology or techniques, the rules of branding are also always evolving. If you’re new to the world of design and are wondering how to create a hair salon logo, there are four key principles to keep in mind: color, font, size, and style. The right balance of these elements, along with a cleverly branded tagline, will help create a polished, high-end feel to your salon’s aesthetic.

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It’s no secret that opening a hair salon requires a great deal of workboth with your hands and your mindand brand identity is a crucial part of this process. As the primary image of your salon for many years to come, your hair salon logo design is definitely a worthy investment of your time and energy! Ahead, we’re digging deeper into the top tips that will help you create the perfect logo to truly embody the essence of your business. 

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1. Keep the Design Simple

Many of the most successful and iconic logo designs throughout history have also been the simplest, cleanest designs. When crafting your salon’s logo, try to resist the urge to “go above and beyond” by adding in as many details, words, colors, and elements as possible. Remember, simplicity reigns supreme in design. The most attractive logo for your hair salon will be one that is clever enough to clearly deliver your brand identity with limited clutter or distractions.

This theme of simplicity is one to keep in mind throughout all stages of the logo design process—including color, font, size, and style. A logo that is too busy with too many harsh colors can actually be less visually appealing to a viewer and result in a negative response from potential customers. To get started, try jotting down a list of the first words that come to mind when you envision your salon’s philosophy, aesthetic, style, and overall message.

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2. Reflect Your Salon’s Unique Style

One of the most exciting aspects of opening a hair salon is that no two salons are the same—and your logo should reflect this uniqueness! The type of salon you choose to open can vary from a very trendy, modern, or minimalistic style, to a more classic, sophisticated look. You may even opt for an edgier, urban aesthetic for your salon with bold, dark colors and a more dramatic feel. Whatever you want to create, the world is really your oyster when it comes to your salon’s personality and design. Your business image and logo should deliver one cohesive whole to elevate the experience of your salon’s environment.

It’s also important to do your homework by thoroughly researching your competitors in the area. This research will help you avoid a logo that too closely resembles any other competitors in the vicinity. Remember: Your logo should set you apart and help your one-of-a-kind story feel authentic.

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3. Choose the Right Fonts and Colors

In the world of logo design, there are simple combinations of colors and fonts that complement one another, and others that may clash. Additionally, there will be colors and fonts that support your salon’s overall aesthetic, while others just won’t match the environment you are trying to create. When designing a logo for your salon, it’s crucial to consider some of these elements and the effect they will have on your audience. You don’t have to be an artist or a graphic designer—a bit of research and persistence is all it takes!

To get started, try imagining your salon as a whole—from the services offered to the colors on the wall, the location, and the intended clientele. What colors, graphics, and shapes come to mind? If you’re creating a zen-inspired, organically-based salon, then perhaps an earthy palette with sage green and beige would be an excellent option for your logo. For a more urban-feeling hair salon in a big city, you might imagine a minimalistic font in black or gray. Try to focus on complementary colors that aren’t too harsh, balanced graphics, legible characters, and clean lines. Additionally, it might be best to steer clear of colors and fonts that are outdated, overly bright, or perceived as “tacky” by some audiences.

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4. Create a Catchy and Recognizable Tagline

It doesn’t take long to recall some of the most legendary brand taglines in marketing. These taglines help support a well-crafted logo design by transforming your brand into something that is instantly recognizable and memorable. As soon as people read your tagline, they should immediately think of your hair salon. When this is masterfully done, customers will identify your brand from the tagline alone—without any business name being mentioned.

We’re happy to offer ours as an example! If you look at our tagline—“Create Boldly. Live Boldly”—you’ll see just what we mean when we emphasize the importance of a great tagline. Ideally, it should be short and sweet, and capture the attention of your audience for the right reasons. This means avoiding confusion by eliminating overly complicated words and choosing a clean, clear font to best support it.

5. Make Sure it’s Adaptable and Uses the Right Proportions

When you’re designing your logo, try to consider the many possible uses and adaptations you may need in the future. Whether it’s for social media or for business cards, the logo design for your hair salon should look equally great in small spaces, as well as on a large poster. As the cornerstone of your salon, your logo will likely be included on any and all marketing materials and advertising—which is why getting the proportions right is a must!

It shouldn’t be too big or too small and should also be proportionally placed in balance with your salon’s name. Remember: The human eye naturally finds proportion and symmetry visually pleasing. All in all, the primary goal with your logo here is to draw attention, without overpowering the name of your business. Additionally, it should be easily adaptable to any and all mediums you may need for advertising, while always maintaining consistency.

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Finding Inspiration for Your Salon’s Logo

Although your salon’s logo design should be just as unique and special as your salon itself, there’s nothing wrong with seeking out some inspiration. As part of your brainstorming process, try writing down some of your favorite brands, products, or even competitor salons that you aspire to, and write down what you love about them. Are their logos exceptionally modern, with a cutting edge feel? Or perhaps their tagline has a relatable and trendy ring to it. Whatever it may be, take some time to look at other successful logos and take inspiration from them. Looking for ideas online or in your local area is not only totally acceptable, but an essential step, when it comes to designing your logo.

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Tools for Creating Your Logo Design

If you’re wondering how to make a logo from a technical perspective, there are plenty of options available to you. Once you have your idea solidified and you’re ready to bring your new logo to life, it’s time to find the right tools. Fortunately, numerous hair salon logo makers exist online that are user-friendly and suitable for beginners and experts alike. Try a simple online search to find the right design tool for your needs and experience level, and explore the many templates available to make things as simple as possible. Plus, many also offer free trials to help you get started!

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Once your logo is perfected and ready to be used, you may want to consider looking into registering it to your business name. To do this, it’s crucial to do your homework and find reputable sources for registering your business logo and obtaining the correct documentation. This will help ensure that your logo remains uniquely yours and protect the one-of-a-kind logo that you worked so hard to create. To keep growing your business, check out how to manage a salon scheduling agenda.

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