Enjoy the Benefits of Becoming a Revlon Professional® Client

May 5, 2022

Clients and professionals are exposed to plenty or even too many brand options; therefore, finding professional hair products that truly meet your clients’ expectations and your needs is a real challenge. At Revlon Professional®, we have focused on the importance of delivering and creating efficient collections and product ranges as well as emphasizing the importance of the salesperson and its role. One of the most essential tasks of our sales representatives at Revlon Professional® is to become a business coach for the hairdresser and the salon rather than just an occasional contact person. Besides making your purchasing experiences easy-breezy, they will become a key role in helping you increase the average ticket, digitalize and develop your business as well as informing you on the latest trainings and hair trends, and all the support you need to make your business grow.

Check out below the 360° Revlon Professional® program available only for clients! We want to make it as easy as possible for you. We are aware that hairdressers are busy all day long, therefore, we invite you to discover our multipurpose channels where you can buy professional hair products and learn how to put them into practice for amazing results.

What is Revlon Professional® PROSHOP and ALWAYS ON?

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Get your hands on the best-selling hair products at REVLONPROSHOP

REVLONPROSHOP is the official online store for Revlon Professional® brands. Purchase the professional hair products you cannot live without or add to your shopping cart the new collections specifically developed for professional hairdressers. We put at your disposal effective hair products to let your imagination and creativity run wild! Whenever you run out of your favorite products, go digital, be faster and get them back in stock in just one click.

Find out how to stay updated on the latest hair trends with REVLONALWAYSON

It is no surprise that education is one of the most important keys to grow and prosper. At Revlon Professional®, we believe that a successful hair salon is a result based on perseverance, determination, and of course, continuous interest in educating yourself and your team, whether it might be about new products, the latest hair coloring techniques or upcoming trends in the field. Get access to our E-learning platform 24/7 and do not miss the opportunity to boost your skills through our personalized education for hairstylists.

Empower Your Hair Salon by Becoming a Revlon Professional® Client

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Are you still not a Revlon Professional® client? Get in contact with the sales representative of your area today for personalized assistance. Although, if you are a former PROSHOP client, you will only need an invoice to find your assigned client number and create a user with it, as simple as that. If, on the other hand, you are a new client, you will only need a minute to create your account for free, and connect to masterclasses, receive privileged updates and invitations to online events all in one place. What are you waiting for?

Become a Revlon Professional® client today, and experience the perks of getting early access to the new collections, training, trends, exclusive promotions, and having the products you need whenever you need them. As a Revlon Professional® client, you will be able to access our REVLONPROALWAYSON E-learning platform to maximize your potential and, once you know which products you need to recreate the techniques, you can visit REVLONPROSHOP and add to your basket all you need for you to start creating. It is time to digitalize your hair salon and join the new era of hairstylists; become a member of our family today!

As a hairstylist, there can’t be anything more exciting than becoming a Revlon Professional® client.

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